Learn ceramics with Anastasia in Spain.
  • Majorca, Spain
  • 20 hours over 5 days

Ceramic Artworks with Anastasia

Soak up the sun as you explore Anastasia’s wabi-sabi ceramic vibes. Get to know different types of clay, then experiment with techniques, decorate your work, and learn glazing and firing. Finally, take some time to visit the stunning surrounding beaches and take a dip in the Mediterranean.
  • Complimentary studio lunch


One Guest
USD $955
Additional guest(s) (max 4)
USD $360
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Create decorative artworks.Make your own jewelry.Learn how to use different glazes and make your own ceramics creations to take home.Learn how to decorate after glazing.Experiment with hand building.Play around with different ceramic techniques.

Meet the Artist

Anastasia is a maker of ceramic artwork, pottery, sculptural jewelry, photography, silver works and three beautiful children. She finds beauty in wabi-sabi aesthetics, organic shapes and natural colors. Raised in a small Russian town close to Caspian Sea, she followed her heart to the Mediterranean island of Majorca in 2004. She was drawn to the local pottery tradition, turquoise summers, spice-smelling autumns, blooming almond tree winters, red soil and warm hearted people. Now she shares her studio with other painters and print makers. When we visited her, the air had an aroma of steaming coffee and we couldn’t stop admiring her pottery collection of cups and plates made by vibrant ceramic artists from all around the world. So much magic in one place!

VAWAA Includes:

  • Getting to know different types of clay, temperature regimes and choosing materials.
  • Discovering techniques and tools (hand building, potter’s wheel, slip cast)
  • Drying process and decorative techniques like carving, colored slip decoration, stamping, sgraffito, mishima.
  • Firing in a gas kiln and learning about firing curves.
  • Decoration after first firing – glazing or saggar firing.
  • Decoration after glaze firing – lusters. (Check for availability)
  • Pit firing, experimenting with different materials. Gathering natural materials.

Explore Majorca

Majorca, the Mediterranean island off the east coast of Spain, is full of stunning beaches, plenty of gorgeous nature, and charming historic towns. No wonder it’s been the inspiration for generations of artists, from Chopin to Miro. Its towns are made up of tiny Spanish cafes, tapas bars, bustling markets, and cozy artisan shops to experience the local lifestyle. Or you can sun soak at the beach and explore the numerous coastal caves and cliffs for stunning views.

Additional Details

This VAWAA is available for a longer duration. If interested in extending your time, let us know by how many days and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Guest Reviews

  • Catharina, Belgium

    Before the workshop, Anastasia asked me for my planning and what I wanted to do and learn during the workshop. I made a mood-board with ceramics I like, colors I like, textures I like, objects I like and mailed it to her. She immediately understood my mood. I had experience in sculpture (I studied 7 years sculpting at the art school), but after a trip to Japan my curiosity to ceramics was encourag Read more

  • Allison, United States

    There was never a dull moment during my VAWAA with Anastasia. She welcomed me into her home, introduced me to her joyful family, showed me sights, beaches and local ceramicists that inspire her. She works with an abundance of clays and techniques- the learning was exponential. We had a flexible schedule that allowed for bursts of morning energy and creativity into the night. She is a natural teach Read more

  • Nina, United States

    My two sons (18 & 21) and I had a wonderful time w/Anastasia and would very highly recommend the experience. We spent the day and she provided an overview of ceramic materials, her background and showed us around her studio. We enjoyed the passion she has for her art, the space she works in (an area of her home) and having the opportunity to meet her family, w/whom we shared a lovely lunch (whic Read more