In the studio with Annette, collage & photomontage artist  | Travel & Art Experience in Greece via VAWAA - Vacation with an Artist #vawaa #creativevacation #art #artist #travel #collage #inspiration #creativity #learn #DIY #greece
  • Afidnes, Greece
  • 20 hours over 4 days

Collage and Photomontage with Annette

Retreat in the beautiful countryside of Athens to dive into a variety of collage and photomontage techniques. Enjoy exploring your personal visual language with artist and art educator Annette who specializes in teaching art as a process of self-discovery. When you need a break, enjoy the peaceful nature strolls, bike, swim or feast on Greek cuisine.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


One Guest
USD $1740
Additional guest(s) (max 4)
USD $770


One Guest
USD $690
Additional guest(s)
USD $440
 Female portraits made with collage techniques | Travel & Art Experience in Greece via VAWAA - Vacation with an Artist #vawaa #creativevacation #art #artist #travel #collage #inspiration #creativity #learn #DIY #greeceCollage by Greek Artist Annette via VAWAA - Vacation with an Artist #vawaa #creativevacation #art #artist #travel #collage #inspiration #creativity #learn #DIY #greeceAbstract Collage by Greek Artist Annette via VAWAA - Vacation with an Artist #vawaa #creativevacation #art #artist #travel #collage #inspiration #creativity #learn #DIY #greece Female portraits made with collage techniques | Travel & Art Experience in Greece via VAWAA - Vacation with an Artist #vawaa #creativevacation #art #artist #travel #collage #inspiration #creativity #learn #DIY #greeceAbstract Collage by Greek Artist Annette via VAWAA - Vacation with an Artist #vawaa #creativevacation #art #artist #travel #collage #inspiration #creativity #learn #DIY #greeceAbstract Collage by Greek Artist Annette via VAWAA - Vacation with an Artist #vawaa #creativevacation #art #artist #travel #collage #inspiration #creativity #learn #DIY #greeceLearn how to make collages & photomontage portraits with Annette | Travel & Art Experience in Greece via VAWAA - Vacation with an Artist #vawaa #creativevacation #art #artist #travel #collage #inspiration #creativity #learn #DIY #greeceLearn how to make collages & photomontage portraits with Annette | Travel & Art Experience in Greece via VAWAA - Vacation with an Artist #vawaa #creativevacation #art #artist #travel #collage #inspiration #creativity #learn #DIY #greeceBackyard view in the autumn from Annette's artist studio in Greece via VAWAA - Vacation with an Artist #vawaa #creativevacation #art #artist #travel #collage #inspiration #creativity #learn #DIY #greece

Meet the Artist

Annette is a collage and photomontage artist based in Athens beautiful countryside. Trained in prestigious art schools in United States, France, Austria and Greece, she has been focusing on collage, photomontage and mixed media for three decades. In her work she is led by her passion for theater and the human soul. Her photo montages, made with scissors, glue, found photographs or photographs taken by her, look like "film stills" of human relationships.

She creates collage portraits that are deconstructions of familiar everyday faces, to shed light into the sinews of their being. She strives to merge fantasy and reality in each composition that lead us to the dreamland of human emotions. Dostoyevsky, Ibsen, Bergman and Hitchcock inspire her, including collage artists like Hannah Hoch, Max Ernst, Martha Rosler and John Stezaker. When you meet her, you’ll realize very quickly that teaching art is her passion.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Introduction to the basics of collage, mixed media, abstract art, color theory and composition.
  • Creating composited images from found, taken, and scanned images.
  • Learning the techniques of masking, edge treatments, color space, shadows and highlights, texture, perspective, depth of field, harmony, symmetry, and narrative.
  • Practicing how to make the disparate elements meld seamlessly to create a sense of magic realism.
  • Going back home with several of your own dream collages or photomontages.
  • Paper, magazines to cut from, glue and paint for mixed media are included. You can print photos or buy stretched canvas at an additional cost.
  • Meals and snacks while in the studio.

Stay at Annette's

Stay with Annette on her wonderful 2.5 acres estate, with direct access to her garden, swimming pool, half basketball court, vegetable garden, olive trees and vines. Three bedrooms are available, each with their own bathroom. Two bedrooms have double beds; one bedroom has two single beds. All rooms include heating/air-conditioning, meals, drinks, and snacks. The property is well protected with a fence and you'll be around friendly dogs and cats.

Explore Afidnes

Afidnes, where Annette resides, is a peaceful town in Athens surrounding countryside, a 30 min. drive north from Greece’s capital city. While there, enjoy typical Greek dishes like stuffed cabbage leaves, sardines or mezedes at a local tavern, or Annette’s cooking skills (she’s been in Greece for 35 years!). Bike around Lake Marathon with bicycles provided by Annette before you have lunch at Marathon Beach. Visit the site in Marathon where the ancient battle between the Athenians and the Persians took place in 490 BC and the adjacent Marathon Museum. Wander over to a park near Annette’s studio that has a pond with turtles. Also nearby, discover an ancient healing site, stunning sandy beaches for a refreshing swim, and gorgeous hikes in Parnitha National Park, which borders Annette’s house and studio. Of course, you’ll want to spend some time in the city center of Athens— it is one of world’s oldest cities after all! You can take the train from Annette’s village, which takes you in 30 minutes to the center of Athens. Visit the Acropolis, the Monastiraki Flea Market, the Museum of Modern Art, or the Archaeological Museum, and try a real Greek souvlaki-pita. You can also take a train to Halkida, a fishing village by the sea, great for strolling, eating fish or souvlaki, and admiring the bridge that connects the peninsula of Evia with the mainland. Oh, the possibilities!

Additional Details

The best time to visit Greece is during Spring (April to early June) and Autumn (September–October) when you can enjoy mild weather and fewer crowds.

This VAWAA can be extended for up to 6 days. Please ask when you submit your booking request.

Annette has friendly dogs and cats. If you are allergic to these animals, please bring suitable medication before you arrive.
Annette's Availability 4 days

Guest Reviews

  • Hannah S., United States

    My stay with Annette blew my expectations away. She was such an amazing teacher. I felt like I got my inspiration back as an artist. She was so attentive and I really felt like a friend at the end of the trip. I can’t wait to return!

  • Denise E., United States

    My four days with Annette, working on collage and photomontage, were perfect. We began our day with breakfast in her beautiful dining room and then headed downstairs to her well-equipped studio for a slideshow and brief discussion of the work of various artists. I worked in the studio the rest of the day, creating collages inspired by Annette's work and the work of the artists she presented. Annet Read more

  • Tracy S., United States

    My daughters and I had a great stay with Annette outside of Athens. Her husband, daughter, son-in-law and she were gracious hosts. Annette’s lectures and slides were informative and inspiring - as was her instruction and encouragement. She had the requisite supplies for art making and a great work space. Annette seemed to know instinctively when to weigh in and when to let our ideas percolate. Sh Read more

  • Elena L., United States

    What an AMAZING EXPERIENCE! If you’re looking for a stimulating and fulfilling experience and something different than a typical vacation, look no further…THIS IS IT! Annette is an incredibly talented and well educated artist, who spent time walking me through the history and evolution of photo montage and exposing me to major artists who pioneered the movement, demonstrating different methodologi Read more

  • Jennifer M., United States

    This was a magical and much needed experience. I learned so much from Annette and her hospitality was unparalleled. Staying in a pastoral Greek village surrounded by roses, olive trees and grapevines was the perfect setting to feel inspired and make art. Annette was so supportive and encouraging. The food was amazing, fresh from her garden; the conversation intriguing and the art inspiring.

  • Julia R., Spain

    Annette was an incredible host and a brilliant teacher. I really enjoyed the thoughtful programme she prepared for my time at her house and in the studio, experiencing hidden gems, Greek culture as well as learning so much about art history and of course collage and collage practitioners. Introducing me to new artists ways of thinking and doing.

    I loved the house, studio and the pool. (The arch
    Read more

  • Erica S., United States

    Annette was a wonderful host and teacher to my sister and me. We felt totally at home in her beautiful house and really enjoyed getting to know her, husband, and their dogs! We learned so much in a short period of time not only about collage, but Greek culture and the surrounding area. She prepared lovely, healthy meals for us and our accommodations were clean and comfortable.

    Thanks Annette a
    Read more

  • See all 7 reviews