Mandala Weaving with Cloe
  • Majorca, Spain
  • 12 hours over 3 days

Mandala Weaving with Cloe

Feel the gentle sea breeze as you learn mandala weaving on the coast of Majorca. Cloe will begin with a background on this ancient practice, then you will dive into this healing art, using natural yarns to create colorful works. Then stop by the nearby Mediterranean for a dip or go on a local hike.


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    Meet the Artist

    Cloë weaves mandalas by hand using natural yarns. She loves to observe geometrical shapes unfold as she places thread after thread on a wooden frame. Her home studio is in a protected nature reserve in the oldest part of Majorca Island, overlooking Balearic Sea. These vivid colors of nature are her greatest inspirations as seen in her brightly colored mandalas. Having traveled extensively to remote and tribal places since childhood, she also draws inspiration from indigenous cultures, ancient symbols and sacred art. Only a personality as lively and luminous like her can create mandalas that convey the magnificent glow of nature. Shine on!

    VAWAA Includes:

    • Introduction to yarn, materials and color combining
    • Practicing symmetry of shapes
    • Mandala weaving techniques for beginners and intermediate
    • Background information on origin of mandalas in ancient cultures, nature and as a modern tool enhancing focus, health and wellbeing
    • Finishing and hanging techniques 
    • All materials and natural yarns to make a 60 cm mandala

    Explore Majorca

    Majorca, the Mediterranean island off the east coast of Spain, is full of stunning beaches, plenty of gorgeous nature, and charming historic towns. No wonder it’s been the inspiration for generations of artists, from Chopin to Miro. Its towns are made up of tiny Spanish cafes, tapas bars, bustling markets, and cozy artisan shops to experience the local lifestyle. Or you can sun soak at the beach and explore the numerous coastal caves and cliffs for stunning views.

    Additional Details

    Cloe has a young daughter who will also be in the studio. You’ll have the opportunity to take part in Cloe’s daily life as an artist and mother, and get to be a part of the family! Cloe can help pack your mandala. A 60-cm mandala fits into a suitcase or you can also take it as a hand luggage. Most airlines don’t charge extra for it. This VAWAA is also available for 24 hours over 6 days, including one day of weaving in the stunning Tramuntana mountain range. Let us know if interested.

    Guest Reviews

    • Janet,

      Our time with Cloe was a gift from my son, and it was a wonderful experience. Who wouldn't want to spend a day with her son and an experienced artist in a pretty, peaceful setting, learn a new craft, and be creative? Cloe was such a delight and made us feel very comfortable right from the start. We got to know her as she showed us her studio, explained the history of mandalas, and talked about he Read more

    • Ananya, India

      It was truly an exciting and unique experience learning the Mandala concept. Cloe is a warm, welcoming and creative person herself which made me further enjoy hence my ideas. I enjoyed every minute of the experience so much that I am now looking at opportunities to share my new skill with people at large. On the whole, the warm and creative environment that Cloe set up for me was enriching and tru Read more

    • Megan, United States

      I had the most wonderful time at Cloe's studio. Hearing the origin story of how she came to learn these beautiful techniques, the little tips and tricks she shared with me, and her warm hospitality were highlights of my trip to Mallorca. My mandala is a snapshot of a story still evolving, a token that I will take with me to remember this experience. I feel renewed as an artist and I'm excited to s Read more