Stencil Art with Federico
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 16 hours over 4 days

Stencil Art with Federico

Immerse yourself in the urban art landscape of Buenos Aires with one of the city’s first street artists as your guide. Learn the different styles and techniques of stenciling before making your own design, which you’ll paint on a city wall to leave your own artistic mark on Buenos Aires.


One Guest
USD $710
Additional guest(s) (max 4)
USD $305
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Meet the Artist

Federico is one of the first street artists and pillars of Buenos Aires scene who started painting after the Argentine economic crisis in 2001. Prior to this he owned a record label and designed concert posters. Inspired by the city, it’s people, punk and skate cultures, he has created masterful stencils that are ambitious in complexity and scale, and vital to the city’s vibrant urban scene. He is well known for his socio-political themes as well as surreal and playful works, especially it’s series of little kids riding on animals. He may show you his extensive record collection, take you to a concert or DIY. In his words “If you want something, you have to do it yourself!”

VAWAA Includes:

  • Brief history of street art
  • Different styles and techniques of stenciling
  • Designing and making your own stencil
  • Painting and layering techniques
  • Making your own stencil art on the city walls of Buenos Aires
  • Materials

Explore Buenos Aires

The many cultures that have filtered into Buenos Aires via its ports have led to French architecture, English lifestyle, Spanish culture, and Italian flair. Made up of bits and pieces from around the world, Buenos Aires nevertheless has an identity all its own. Its urban art scene, in particular, is one of the best in the world, due to relaxed laws that enable artists to leave their mark just about everywhere in the city. Meanwhile, the neighborhood of Palermo is a hip, bohemian network of bars, outdoor cafes, and trendy shops housed in elegant old houses and repurposed warehouses.