Paper Making with Luisa and Herve
  • Auroville, India
  • 30 hours over 5 days

Paper Making with Luisa and Herve

Celebrate art, nature, and human connection with papermakers in the universal town of Auroville. Make handcrafted paper alongside Luisa & Herve using all natural materials inspired by surrounding nature. You will learn the entire process, from making dyes to soaking pulp to decorating your paper.


One Guest
USD $495
Additional guest(s) (max 4)
USD $275
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Meet the Artist

Luisa & Herve are papermakers, printers, and publishers. They handcraft paper using all-natural vegetable fibers and found materials, including flowers, leaves, grass, and seeds. They credit nature as their co-creator, drawing inspiration for their designs from the organic material that the paper is made from. Their unique and sustainably-produced paper is an artwork itself, and it is also used to create products ranging from stationery to jewelry to sculpture. Based in the sustainable humanistic community of Auroville, their studio is committed to producing work that respects and celebrates the natural world.


  • Sourcing and preparing raw materials.
  • Making and using dyes. 
  • Soaking and dying pulp. 
  • Process of designing your paper and/or paper object. 
  • Handmaking paper and paper products from pulp. 
  • Decorating your paper and/or paper objects. 
  • Drying and finishing techniques. 
  • Your finished paper artworks.

Explore Auroville

Auroville is an intentional, spiritual community made up of international residents, many of whom have chosen to live there to find peace and harmony. Auroville is meant to be a place without nationality, money, or politics, instead prioritizing human unity. Make sure to visit the Matrmandir, a golden metallic sphere in the middle of town meant to be a place for tranquility and meditation, and take a bike ride throughout the town to get a full feel for its communal vibe.