Learn letter carving and letterpress with Marko in Slovenia.
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 24 hours over 4 days

Letter Carving & Letterpress with Marko

Learn the art of lettering using World War II era equipment with the only designer doing letter carving in Slovenia. Design your own styles using letter carving techniques, with Marko to guide you every step of the way. Then take time to explore Lake Bled or hike in the stunning nearby forest.


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USD $760
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USD $330
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Practice calligraphy and letter carving with Marko in his artist studio.Practice carving and letterpress techniques.Practice decorative handwriting and learn to hand carve stones and letterpress designs.

Meet the Artist

Marko is a calligrapher and the only designer doing letter carving in Slovenia. He is the founder of one-of-kind letterpress studio with fully functioning old printing equipment originating from the time after World War II.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Guide to letter design & letterpress.
  • Letter carving & letterpress techniques. 
  • Materials including stone and tools.
  • Your hand-carved letter & letterpress designs. 

Explore Ljubljana

A fairytale town surrounded by natural beauty, Ljubljana is a place to slow down and connect with local communities, Old World architecture, and outdoor inspiration. But don’t be fooled--there’s also a thriving contemporary and edgy art culture bubbling underneath the scene. Venture outside the charming Old Town for grittier neighborhoods that are vibrant, young, eclectic, and outrageously artistic.

Guest Reviews

  • Alexandra, France

    Every minute of this experience was special, I enjoyed studio sessions and learning new skills as much as the time spent outside the workshop: chatting over lunch in local restaurants or walking around town with Marko telling me anecdotes about the city, the people we met in the streets, projects he has worked on, or the traditional wines and dishes of Slovenia.. It was a very fulfilling holiday i Read more