Natural Perfume and Incense Making with Persephenie
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Natural Perfume and Incense Making with Persephenie

Learn perfumery and incense making techniques to make your own unique fragrances and incenses – a perfect retreat with your olfactory sense in the City of Angels.
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Meet the Artist

Persephenie is a perfumer and incense maker specializing in natural materials. Her love of scent began the first time she traveled to India and got fascinated by incense. After coming back to Los Angeles and studying the subject for years, she opened her first aromatic studio in 2004, and has been teaching scent-related classes since 2006. Inspired by the olfactory and antiquated techniques regarding perfumery and incense, she enjoys researching recipes from cultures around the world, interpreting them, sometimes modernizing them, and using stellar natural raw materials. When you go, ask her to tell you about incense clocks!

VAWAA Includes:

  • Meet a variety of raw herbs and botanical oils used for incense making and perfumery.
  • Learn how to mix and process ingredients for incense and perfumery.
  • Learn about different types of incense, including incense that is heated, not burnt.
  • Understand the nature of botanical oils and their odor classification in perfumery.
  • Learn about extraction methods, safety and address challenges like longevity, increasing volume and other strategic approaches in perfumery.
  • Craft your own botanical incense using herbs, woods, resins and spices from around the world.
  • Make one solid natural perfume with beeswax and a nut oil, and one natural organic alcohol based perfume.
  • Visit flower district, local perfumeries, The Getty and discuss the history of aromatics.
  • Materials, tools, recommended reading.

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Guest Reviews

  • Zoe, United States

    This VAWAA was extensive and full of fun experimentation for my mum and I! Persephenie has an incredible breadth of knowledge, only matched by the wide range of her scent collection. In spite of not studying botany formally, she was still able to point out various plants that I have tattooed on my arms from different countries. She was the perfect guide. There were worksheets for us to keep track Read more