Learn street art with Pum Pum in Argentina.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 12 hours over 3 days

Street Art with Pum Pum

Create a mural of imagination on the streets of Buenos Aires with an urban art legend. Work with Pum Pum to develop your sketches, then pick a wall and paint your mural on the city’s streets. You’ll create a completed work of street art to leave your mark on Buenos Aires long after you return home.


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USD $565
Additional guest(s) (max 4)
USD $235
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Learn moralism techniques and paint your own mural.Pain on canvas.Brainstorm and sketch your ideas in the studio.Explore Buenos Aires thriving urban art scene.

Meet the Artist

Pum Pum rules the city walls and urban art scene in Buenos Aires. In the early 2000’s, she took her talent in design and illustration to the street and created her own character-inspired muralism aesthetic using latex paint and brushes. She started by painting ‘Big Flequi’, a caricature of herself surrounded by different creatures and is now known for her distinctive characters like the big bangs girl, rabbits, cats in boots, zombies and child figures. Unlike many of her contemporaries, she doesn’t believe in limiting street art to political graffiti. According to her, any aesthetic contribution transforms the urban landscape. On the street, she loves the interaction with by-standers but otherwise prefers to keep anonymity and be known by her work.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Painting on the street or canvas.
  • Creating your own artwork or assisting Pum Pum in her artwork.
  • Sketching and testing ideas in studio.
  • Scouting walls in the neighborhood and getting permissions.
  • Learning muralism techniques.
  • Exploring the city's vibrant urban art scene.
  • Your own hand-painted artwork on the streets of Buenos Aires.

Explore Buenos Aires

The many cultures that have filtered into Buenos Aires via its ports have led to French architecture, English lifestyle, Spanish culture, and Italian flair. Made up of bits and pieces from around the world, Buenos Aires nevertheless has an identity all its own. Its urban art scene, in particular, is one of the best in the world, due to relaxed laws that enable artists to leave their mark just about everywhere in the city. Meanwhile, the neighborhood of Palermo is a hip, bohemian network of bars, outdoor cafes, and trendy shops housed in elegant old houses and repurposed warehouses.

Guest Reviews

  • Amy, United States

    I loved my experience with Pum Pum! She was so nice and welcoming and it was lovely to hear about her mural painting experiences and her work. She did a great job guiding me through the process of transforming my sketch into a full sized wall mural and helping me with color, design insight, and painting during my workshop. I normally create most of my designs on the computer so it was a refreshing Read more

  • Marleen, Netherlands

    This experience was fantastic. Pum Pum is such a great person and a super experienced and well respected street artist in Buenos Aires.The atmosphere was so relaxed and yet we produced a large and complex wall piece from scratch in just 3 days. Amazing! I couldn’t be any happier! :-)

  • Sarika, India

    I had an amazing experience learning from the lovely and talented master street painting artist, Pum Pum. She took me through the process of creating street art, right from envisioning it, to translating it into a sketch, painting on paper and then finally, brining it alive on the wall. All this, she did in her own inimitable, gentle and non intrusive way. I also had a peek into her own creative p Read more