Natural Palettes and Dyeing with Sasha
  • Big Island, Hawaii, United States
  • 15 hours over 3 days

Natural Palettes and Dyeing with Sasha

Invigorate the senses as you forage for natural hues on the Big Island of Hawaii with renowned natural dyer Sasha. Dive into the practice of natural color, slow food, slow fashion, and learn how to use bi-products of fruit, floral and vegetable waste to create a holistic modern plant-made palette and natural dyeing methods.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $1665
Additional guest(s) (max 4)
USD $845

Meet the Artist

Sasha is a renowned natural dyer, designer and educator who works with plant-based color and natural palettes. She focuses her practice and research on the collaborative color potential of weeds, food and floral waste, and local and seasonal ingredients.

Growing up between the northern woods of coastal Maine and the volcanic rainforests of the Big Island of Hawaii, she cultivated a connection with different ecosystems at an early age. It deepened her love, respect and relationship with plants, and the special people, cultures and communities who care for and depend on these plants and ecologies integrally.

Creating natural colors from by-products of food, flora, medicinals, and plants has become Sasha’s life’s work. She believes that connecting to the experience of knowing the value of wardrobe and your waste and weeds – and how to transform what you already have to create something beautiful, stylish and meaningful – can be a moving, sensory and very powerful environmental and creative act. This is much like knowing where your food has come from, or learning to grow food or cook for yourself. There can't be a more perfect guide to the awe-inspiring and immersive world of natural color.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Visiting local farmers market or farms to make natural color from bi-products of fruit, floral and vegetable waste.
  • Cooking, floral arranging, or making medicinal tinctures with plants.
  • Hiking and foraging, learning about and identifying plants, collecting saltwater or rainwater for dyeing.
  • Gardening and learning how to cultivate your own colors at home.
  • Creating a unique and holistic conceptual plant-made palette from start to finish.
  • Working with whole ecological systems; learning the different techniques of natural dyeing and working with a biodiversity of ingredients, fibers, and techniques.
  • Learning to document the process with beautiful images.
  • All the tools and materials needed.

Explore Big Island, Hawaii

Sasha's studio is located in Volcano Village, a vibrant home to the arts on the Big Island of Hawaii. Volcano Village is unique and awe-inspiring with elemental biodiversity and culture. It is close to Hilo where Sasha grew-up, home to an abundant and vast array of incredible plants and people.

The Big Island is an endless source of inspiration for artists, as evidenced by the many galleries filled with work by painters, woodworkers, jewelry makers, and glass blowers. Experience the beautiful agricultural abundance of the Big Island as Sasha does, through a rich cacophony of colors, tastes, and smells. From loquat leaves, gardenia seeds, lychee and rambutan peels, to a variety of roots and vegetables, there is no end to the inspiration nature will provide for your unique color palette. Explore nature’s creativity manifested in the magnificent ecosystem of volcanoes, waterfalls, and black-sand beaches and interpret it all through the magical process of natural dyeing.

Additional Details

The best times to visit the Big Island of Hawaii for optimal weather and fewer crowds are the months of April, May, August, September, and October.

This VAWAA can be extended for up to 7 days.

Can be adapted for children and wheelchair accessibility.
Sasha's Availability 3 days