Dhokra Metal Art with Suresh
  • Panchgani, India
  • 30 hours over 6 days

Dhokra Metal Art with Suresh

Discover a 5,000 year old indigenous metal art in an artist community nestled in nature. Suresh has pioneered groundbreaking new Dhokra techniques, which you will learn alongside the Adivasi craftsmen. Fire and cast using the lost wax technique, then decorate and finish your own unique work.


    One Guest
    USD $340
    Additional guest(s) (max 4)
    USD $160


    One Guest
    USD $220
    Additional guest(s)
    USD $60
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    Meet the Artist

    Suresh is an acclaimed Dhokra craftsman, a 5000 year old metal art also known as the Indian art of lost-wax casting. His studio at Devrai Art Village is nestled in nature, where he leads a core group of highly skilled adivasi craftsmen from the naxalite affected areas find a livelihood and a safe refuge. Together they create a wide range of decorative, sculptural and usable products by combining different mediums such as iron, brass, stone, wood, bamboo and fabric. While creating art, they have also innovated new processes like fusing stone with brass that have never been attempted before. An educator and community leader, Suresh has dedicated his life and his art to advocating for indigenous rights and preserving the cultural heritage of his people. This will be a rare experience that explores linkages between indigenous art and nature.


    • Learning the unique process of creating a metal sculpture by fusing stone and brass. 
    • Designing a wax model using stone.   
    • Preparing a clay mould. 
    • Firing/casting using lost wax technique.
    • Finishing and decorating using an aesthetic sensibility that emphasizes the fast eroding connect between Man and Nature.
    • Your lost-wax cast object.

    Stay at Suresh's

    Stay at the Devrai Art Village in a basic room that is part of the main bungalow, with a separate private entry and a kitchenette. Breakfast and WIFI are also included.

    Explore Panchgani

    Panchgani is a beautiful, serene rural area surrounded by stunning nature. Many outdoor activities are available, including climbing, rappelling, and hiking--all organised by Devrai Art Village. Additionally, you can visit an organic farm at Red Stone Eco education Centre or a textile craft center at Riverview Retreat. Nearby is also a cheese factory, 100+ year old bakeries, the famous Mapro Farms, and Freddie Mercury’s former school!

    Additional Details

    Accommodation is available for an additional fee. Nature and adventure activities like climbing, rappelling, hiking, exposure to organic farming and textile craft can also be organized during the experience for an additional fee. Ask when you send a booking request.