The Art of Tattooing with Taiom
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 16 hours over 4 days

The Art of Tattooing with Taiom

Barcelona is music and color and late nights. From lights strung between narrow alleyways to sunbathers soaking up the rays on Barceloneta Beach, it has a festive and fun atmosphere that few cities in the world can replicate. We love the unmistakable Gaudi architecture that asserts itself all over the city, as well as the charming, vibrant neighborhood of Gracia. Stroll the streets of Barcelona’s many quarters, from the artsy El Ravel to the historic Born, and feel the city’s distinct pulse around you.
  • Studio lunch


One Guest
USD $895
Additional guest(s) (max 4)
USD $550
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Meet the Artist

Taiom is a Brazilian tattooist and visual artist working between the cities of Barcelona, Bologna and Florence. He fell in love with tattoo culture at a young age, and has been practicing ever since then. Over the last decade and a half, Taiom has developed his own unique, highly graphic style of tattooing focused on abstract concepts. Inspired by his love of drawing and woodworking, his tattoo techniques include sketch lines, watercolors, fine lines, black work, and detail. He approaches each work like a story helping people create body art that brings something about who they are to life on their skin. Tat a tat!


  • A brief history of tattoos and tattooing.
  • Basic tattoo techniques and introduction to symbology and meaning in tattoos. 
  • Process of designing the tattoo from idea to skin. 
  • Learning visual composition on paper and on the body.
  • Visiting historic sites and/or museums that could be used as reference on final work.
  • Practicing tattooing on artificial skins.
  • Getting tattooed by Taiom himself! (max. 8 in./20 cm tattoo)
  • All disposable tattoo materials, artificial skin, machines and tools.

Explore Barcelona

Get art under your skin amid the funky, thriving art scene on the streets of Barcelona. Learn basic tattoo techniques, including symbology, then start creating your own designs. Practice tattooing on artificial skins, then finish up by getting tattooed by master artist Taiom.