Karakami Printmaking with Takuma and Aiko
  • Shiga, Japan
  • 16 hours over 4 days

Karakami Printmaking with Takuma and Aiko

In the serene Japanese countryside, discover the traditional art of decorative paper making alongside a husband and wife team of master craftsmen. Design your own prints, create wood Japanese wood engravings, and print your own papers, all in a traditional house in the idyllic Japanese mountains.


    One Guest
    USD $835
    Additional guest(s) (max 4)
    USD $610


    One Guest
    USD $230
    Additional guest(s)
    USD $230
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    Meet the Artist

    Takuma and Aiko are printmakers of karakami, a traditional decorative paper that came to Japan from Tang China during the Nara Period. At first, this paper was used for transcribing poetry, such as short tanka poems or haikai linked verse, and slowly started getting used in interiors. After studying printing techniques in an art college and training in an ancient store in Kyoto, Takuma established his own studio in the countryside of Shiga with his wife, Aiko, who designs their works. Taking a contemporary approach, they print on Japanese washi paper using hand carved wood blocks to make fusuma panels, sliding doors, folding screens, and wallpapers. Paying tribute to the long tradition of karakami while living in a traditional house, surrounded by mountains, rivers, rice fields and temples - that's what this one is about.

    VAWAA Includes:

    • and Japanese printmaking. 
    • Designing your own prints. 
    • Creating wood engravings in traditional Japanese style. 
    • Coloring and printing your papers. 
    • Mounting. 
    • All materials and tools. 

    Stay at Takuma and Aiko's

    Takuma and Aiko live in a traditional house with a familial atmosphere and Japanese lifestyle. Take part in their daily family life and get a taste of Japanese slow living. Includes three meals per day and all amenities.

    Explore Shiga

    Typically passed over in favor of nearby Kyoto, Shiga is a hidden jewel where you can experience authentic Japanese lifestyle and culture, like the legendary sacred island of Chikubushima. From Lake Biwa--Japan’s largest freshwater lake--to the surrounding mountains, the natural beauty of this prefecture never fails to take our breath away. We love the vibrant cultural festivals of the surrounding towns and cities as well. Higashiomi hosts the Giant Kite Festival every May, while the hikiyama festival in Nagahama is one of the biggest in Japan.

    Additional Details

    Accommodation is available at Takuma and Aiko's house for an additional fee (including all meals). Ask when you send a booking request.