> > > with Thao in Vietnam

It all started when...

I had the concern to do some artistic matter which helps me to destress and to surface my creative capacity, calming my out and insider rhythm of living. I also had long since needed a trip to an exotic and distant place. Textiles was one of my various curiosities and VAWAA and Thao helped me to do a beautiful approach to it.

I passed a memorable days with Thao sharing our days with the women in the little village of Cao Bang, not far from the Chinese border. The experience was wonderful, not only because the magic of the indigo process, but by the experience of living the calm and simplicity of the traditional way of life, spending a week leaving in a rural area with out any burden imposed on us by the western life. Going to collect the indigo plat in the water buffalo car those wonderful landscapes is an image and feeling that will never be erased from my memory.

It has given me the energy, ideas and strength I needed at this vital moment. Since I was really enjoying the time in Vietnam, I changed my plane ticket for twenty days later. I'm sure I'll be back soon.