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It all started when...

Gonzalo’s approach is to start with the basics—the forms, proportions. He lays them out and tries to get to a place where he can give meaning to what he’s creating; not the other way around. That was really interesting to me. It was a different kind of place than where I usually engage, from a business perspective or in my personal time. 

Gonzalo’s approach, again, to design... It’s a nice way to face a problem. Instead of thinking of a solution, you just start playing, and eventually a solution will come. You can be surprised that it’s not what you were [originally] looking for, but it’s still something new and innovative. 

A well deserved mind break working with wood in an incredible playground. I really appreciate and value the time, focus and dedication of my teacher Gonzalo Arbutti. Loved the result that came without pre design bias. But directly from a hidden passion, trains.