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It all started when...

During my 2 week India trip, I spent 4 days at Thomas' studio to learn pottery - and to be a guest in his home. Thomas is an incredibly kind and warm individual, who is easy to get along with. 

Thomas would explain and demonstrate each step to make a pot carefully, making it easy to practice on the wheel. He also brings so much compassion and patience to the process, it is contagious! Within 4 hours one day I threw about a dozen times, with a few pots looking fairly good (one could drink a hot chai out of them), around the same amount had very interesting edges and characteristics (hot chai might be too risky, let's say one can leave the keys in it) and, of course, some did not pass the quality check. 

I am not a professional potter after 4 days, yet it did get a good understanding of the craft and what it takes to be an outstanding artist in this field. It opened my mind for a new craft, a new culture and new approach to art. Although a VAWAA experience is booked via an official platform, I still had the feeling of an adventurer and discoverer. Why? VAWAA is about what you make out of it and does not dictate the agenda; those moments are simply unique to the artist and the guest.