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It all started when...

I was a little hesitant going into it: I was going with just my parents on a trip after 25 years and none of us had any creative background. While just exploring a city with the usual lonely planet is hand was an option, I wanted to try something more immersive and VAWAA seemed like a good idea.

The result was fantastic. Both my parents and I didn't realize how the days passed by. We were pleasantly surprised to discover our creative sides and ended up with a few "masterpieces" ourselves. Our host Tessa was wonderful and played guide, host and teacher with ease. We genuinely bonded and it was great to actually do something with my folks than just walk around. I run a start-up myself and I usually find myself thinking about work even when on vacation. But by engaging in a truly immersive experience it took my mind off work, helped me relax and I guess I used a different side of my brain.