Greek Embroidery Weaving with Alexandra & Nektaria
  • Crete, Greece
  • 25 hours over 5 days

Greek Embroidery Weaving with Alexandra & Nektaria

Discover the joy of weaving and textile making on the southernmost island of Greece, known for its weaving traditions. Learn traditional Greek embroidery weaving techniques to create modern designs for garments or decor. A holistic experience inspired by the island’s colors, rich culture, positive energy and beautiful coastal landscape.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $1410
Additional guest(s) (max 2)
USD $960

Meet the Artist

Alexandra and Nektaria are weavers with expertise in sustainable hand-woven fabrics and loom embroideries to decorate clothes and home items. Alexandra began her artistic journey at a monastery in Crete, known for its famous Greek embroidery weaving techniques. Today she runs her own design studio with Nektaria, a local expert weaver. Nektaria is one of the few weavers on the island who knows the art of "triopatitiro," a traditional Cretan technique in which you weave and embroider simultaneously on the loom.

Alexandra's work combines an ancient craft with modern designs to create long-lasting items of cultural value. She is on a mission to revive the joy of weaving and textile making. Her goal is to treat weaving not as an art repurposed for museums but as a living art aligned with our daily lives and modern lifestyle.

A self-proclaimed weaving addict, she says her art reveals secrets to her every day. She finds inspiration in Crete island's colors, positive energy, history, and culture and is looking forward to sharing its rich culture and heritage with you.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Create textiles woven and embroidered on the loom.
  • Discover the art of “triopatitiro,” a famous Greek embroidery weaving technique, especially in Crete.
  • Get familiar with different parts of the loom and how it works.
  • Choose a Greek pattern or design your own to embroider on the loom while weaving.
  • Learn to transfer and “read” the design on paper, then translate it on the loom.
  • Explore plain weaves and Greek embroidery techniques to create your pattern.
  • If there are 2 people, one will focus on Greek embroidery weaving, and the other will focus on rug weaving.
  • Your own cushion cover, wall art, or purse with woven embroidery.
  • A lunch or dinner with typical Greek dishes and wine.
  • A visit to the local folk museum for inspiration.
  • A visit to other active weaving studios on the island.
  • Walk through the Old town of Rethymno.
  • Possibility for a day in the countryside to experience grape or olive harvest, raki making, or Greek cooking, based on the season.

Explore Crete

The studio is located in Rethymno, a city on the north coast of Crete Island, easily accessed by boat from Piraeus or by plane from Athens to Chania or Heraklion airports. It is known for its Venetian harbor, beautiful beaches and secluded coves, archaeological sites, Byzantine churches, and quaint villages. It is steeped in Minoan, Venetian, Ottoman, and Greek history, so cultural legacies abound in its architecture, historic sites, and cuisine.

Rethymno and the entire island also have a long weaving tradition, with each city representing a different weaving style. A few active weaving studios on the island produce real masterpieces, and we will visit some of them during the session.

Additional Details

Crete is beautiful all year round and offers plenty to do during winter and summer. Special holidays and celebrations are happening throughout the year, with January and February slightly quieter.

This VAWAA is not available for a longer duration. You'll have the option to buy a weaving kit for an additional fee.

Alexandra and Nektaria speak English and Greek.
Alexandra & Nektaria's Availability 5 days

Guest Reviews

  • Lisa D., United States

    Such an amazing experience. It was fascinating to use the looms and learn the embroidery technique. Alexandra, Nektaria, and Simona were excellent hosts, and made my time there very comfortable and enjoyable. The studio was a wonderful place to spend time, as was Crete. I found myself sorry to leave, and hoping to go back again!

  • Mara S., United States

    From the moment I stepped in the studio I was treated like family by Nektaria, Alexandra and Simona. In the studio I learned the special craft of weaving on the loom. Outside I was taken on special excursions where I got an authentic glimpse of Cretan life. Even though I was traveling alone, it never felt like it during this workshop. They were generous with their time and resources and willing to Read more