Fileteado with Alfredo
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 12 hours over 3 days

Fileteado with Alfredo

Learn the unique Argentine art of fileteado in the city where it was born alongside one of its leading artists. Begin with the basics of fileteado, then start painting with the traditional stencil technique to make your own unique hand drawn work--everything from lettering to tattoo to graffiti.


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Meet the Artist

Alfredo is a fileteado artist pushing the boundaries of this traditional drawing style to contemporary applications and new mediums. Practicing for 30 years now, he was drawn towards it during his fine art school in Buenos Aires. He spent a few years in Italy working on silkscreen and mural paintings, as well as learning the art of Trompe l’oeil, before returning to Buenos Aires. From traditional canvas to fileteado on human bodies, cars, graffiti, skateboards – Alfredo’s work can be seen in images for international brands, festivals, magazine and book covers. He says he got his artistic skills from his great grandfather who was a fileteado artist, precision skills from his dentist father and draws inspiration from his travels across North Africa, Middle East, China, India, Nepal and Tibet. If that wasn’t enough, he even harvests honey, cooks everyday and can be seen sailing in the Atlantic waters.


  • Introduction to fileteado porteño, an artistic drawing style that originated in Buenos Aires.
  • Drawing classic patterns.
  • Painting using traditional stencil technique.
  • Working on personal interest areas such as lettering, tattoo, graffiti, products or painting.
  • Finishing techniques.
  • Materials and your hand drawn fileteado artwork.

Explore Buenos Aires

The many cultures that have filtered into Buenos Aires via its ports have led to French architecture, English lifestyle, Spanish culture, and Italian flair. Made up of bits and pieces from around the world, Buenos Aires nevertheless has an identity all its own. Its urban art scene, in particular, is one of the best in the world, due to relaxed laws that enable artists to leave their mark just about everywhere in the city. Meanwhile, the neighborhood of Palermo is a hip, bohemian network of bars, outdoor cafes, and trendy shops housed in elegant old houses and repurposed warehouses.

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Guest Reviews

  • Any, United States

    It’s hard to find something that you can’t learn or take a class on in New York City—but fileteado was one of those things. AWAA was a revelation for me—a whole new level of travel. You can actually visit someone who produces something beautiful and historical. You can go inside their universe and learn something. Over the course of a few days with Alfredo, not only did I learn the basics of the cRead more