Ornamental Ceramic Art with Alina
  • Rovinj, Croatia
  • 15 hours over 5 days

Ornamental Ceramic Art with Alina

Craft intricate ornamental ceramics with master ceramicist Alina in Rovinj, known as the blue pearl of the Adriatic. Explore ceramic symbolisms rooted in Alina's Armenian heritage, blending them with Croatian inspiration as you unleash your creativity through clay. Outside the studio, wander the old town's cobblestone streets, savor fresh seafood, or dive into the cerulean Adriatic.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $1095
Additional guest(s) (max 2)
USD $570

Meet the Artist

Alina is an expert ceramicist, curator, and designated Folk Master of the Republic of Armenia, recognized globally for her modern Armenian art. Coming from a lineage of ceramic artisans, her style blends Croatian and Armenian influences, showcasing her cultural heritage and individuality.

Specializing in the pomegranate iconography, a common motif in Armenian culture and the symbol of her adopted home, Rovinj, Alina's pieces draw from Armenian folk traditions, while her color palette is inspired by the golden Croatian sun and the Adriatic Sea. Her other works intertwine Croatian script with Armenian motifs, further exploring similarities between the two countries.

Across her practice, Alina's pottery wheel techniques and commitment to ornamental aesthetics showcase a distinctive artistic identity. Her perfectionism and precision have even led some viewers to disbelief when they learn her ceramics are crafted by hand.

Beyond her studio, Alina finds joy in Croatian nature, caring for her cherished olive garden and producing olive oil, which she considers her "gold." She looks forward to sharing her distinctive Armenian-Croatian artistry with you and how two cultures can come together.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Create ornamental ceramic artworks.
  • Gain hands-on mastery of pottery wheel techniques, learning to throw and shape clay.
  • Explore the rich tradition of ornamental ceramic art, rooted in Alina's family's heritage, as you learn to infuse cultural elements into your creations.
  • Understand the significance of symbolism in ceramics, discovering how to imbue your pieces with personal meaning and cultural narratives.
  • Foster your artistic expression through clay, creating unique ceramic pieces.
  • Sample pomegranate wine, an Armenian favorite.
  • Explore the charming streets and gastronomy of Rovinj.
  • If time permits, embark on a scenic boat tour or attend local cultural events and festivals.

Explore Rovinj

Rovinj is a charming port city on the Adriatic Sea, known for its Venetian architecture, stunning pebble beaches, and Mediterranean atmosphere. The old town features cobblestone streets lined with cheerful pastel buildings that lead to the harbor, where the aroma of fresh seafood fills the air. It's a living gallery of Croatian heritage and contemporary art, especially during August when Grisija Street in the medieval town center hosts exhibitions for artists of all ages.

It's fitting that Alina's pomegranate-inspired work has found a home here: few locals know, but pomegranates are the city's symbol. With its relaxed vibe, welcoming locals, and beautiful coastline, Rovinj is a must-visit destination for travelers looking to soak up the Istrian sun.

Additional Details

The best time to visit Rovinj is in the summer (June-August), when the Adriatic is warm enough for swimming.

This VAWAA is hosted in Duga Resa from October-April. Duga Resa is a charming village located an hour south of Zagreb.

Participants are required to be accompanied by a female. This VAWAA experience can be adapted for children, seniors, and individuals with accessibility needs or special requirements. Please include a note in your booking request.

Alina speaks Armenian, Croatian, English, and Russian.
Alina's Availability 5 days