Tango Music and Dance with Bernardo
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 12 hours over 3 days

Tango Music and Dance with Bernardo

Learn the secrets of tango music and dance, and its different layers of melodies and rhythmic structures with bandoneonist, teacher and composer Bernardo. Visit tango orchestras, join rehearsals and immerse into the city's vibrant music and dance scene.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $820
Additional guest(s) (max 4)
USD $285

Meet the Artist

Bernd "Bernardo" is a German bandoneonist, teacher, and composer for film and theater. He has been studying and living in Buenos Aires for over 15 years. It was in the 1990's that he first heard Astor Piazzolla's music, leading him to travel to Buenos Aires to study bandoneon. Little did he know that this experience would change his destiny as he has been living there ever since! He was taught by some of the best teachers in the city like Julio Pane and Mederos.

After years familiarizing himself with styles of the great orchestras and going to clubs where tango thrives, he began playing in tango orchestras and dancing tango. His constant contact with the vibrating music and dance scene of Buenos Aires gives him a deep understanding of tango, people and culture. Bernardo sees tango as a "unique cultural expression" that should be shared across the world!

VAWAA Includes:

  • Choose to focus your sessions on music or dance, or both.
  • Learn the secrets of tango music and its specific language while learning how to play the bandoneón. You can choose to play other instruments.
  • Learn how to dance tango with special focus on musicality.
  • Learn how to listen to tango orchestras, to understand the different layers of melodies and rhythmic structures and translate this experience into fluent and varied dance movements.
  • Be part of a rehearsal with Bernardo and his musical colleagues.
  • Watch rehearsal of a great Tango Orchestra (only possible from March to November).
  • Enjoy one evening with live Tango-music or in Bernardo's favorite milongas in the city.
  • Special Argentinian musician nutrition: Mate and biscochos. Included every day.

Explore Buenos Aires

The many cultures that have filtered into Buenos Aires via its ports have led to French architecture, English lifestyle, Spanish culture, and Italian flair. Made up of bits and pieces from around the world, Buenos Aires nevertheless has an identity of its own. It is a metropolis of striking contrasts, full of poetry, and synonym of tango; from a silent courtyard of La Boca to the immense Corrientes Avenue, it is a collision of past and present. Don't be surprised when you hear a bandoneón playing in the streets with couples dancing cheek to cheek to its nostalgic melody.

Additional Details

Buenos Aires is great to visit year-round. It's best to avoid the Christmas holidays with tourist crowds and peak season prices.

This VAWAA is available for a longer duration, up to 5 days. Please ask when you send your booking request.

Cannot be adapted for kids, elders, nor people on wheelchair or with special needs.

Bernardo speaks English, German, and Spanish.
Bernardo's Availability 3 days