Silk Painting  with Camila
  • Seville, Spain
  • 20 hours over 4 days

Silk Painting with Camila

Immerse in vibrant and seductive Seville with master silk painter Camila, daughter of Andalusia's first master craftswoman. Learn the family's hand-painted silk secrets, play with colors and techniques, and combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary fashion. Outside the studio, draw inspiration from the city's 400-year-old silk heritage, architecture, festivals, cuisine, and flamenco.
  • Breakfast, Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $1605
Additional guest(s) (max 4)
USD $705


One Guest
USD $600
Additional guest(s)
USD $65

Meet the Artist

Camila is a Seville-based silk painter and designer whose practice unites traditional craftsmanship with fashion and innovation. Inspired by her mother, the first master craftswoman of Andalusia, and influenced by her painter father, Camila began working with silk and color at an early age. For her, painting and working with silk is an integral part of her being, shaping her identity as an artist.

With a deep-rooted appreciation for silk, Camila has extensive knowledge of its diverse types, thicknesses, and finishes. She has years of dedicated research on hand-painted silk. Yet, what truly mesmerizes her is how silk breathes life into painted color. Silk painting allows her to express the richness and vibrancy of her artistic vision. Every line and brushstroke on silk becomes a celebration of color, light, and intricate details.

Camila believes connecting with creativity, color, and painting is innately nourishing, and she is excited to share her passion for hand-painted silk in a city steeped in its history.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Learn the secrets of silk painting that Camila and her family have been researching for more than 25 years.
  • Discover the history of Seville and its link to silk.
  • Work with different types of silk, and how to apply design and color.
  • Practice different silk-painting and dyeing techniques such as gutta, gradients, salt crystals, shibori, and watercolor.
  • Develop your creativity and skills to pick the best techniques for your designs.
  • Visit an old Sevillian “corralón” and explore the different artisan studios inside.
  • Enjoy breakfast with Camila and a walk through Seville that contextualizes the city’s historical connection to the silk industry.
  • If time permits, you can walk, paddle surf, or watch the sunset alongside the Guadalquivir River.

Stay at Camila's

Stay in a bright, independent studio apartment inside Camila's traditional Sevillian house. The apartment is quiet and cool in the summer, and it includes an open bedroom and living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Additionally, it features a lovely patio with plants and flowers for you to enjoy.

The accommodation is just a one-minute walk from the studio and only 10 minutes away from Seville's historic center. Situated in front of the apartment is the Guadalquivir River Promenade, where you can take walks, play sports, and watch the sunset.

Explore Seville

Seville, a captivating city in southern Spain, holds a 400-year legacy in the silk industry. Its architectural treasures, like the Real Alcázar, showcase silk-inspired motifs. Camila's studio revitalized this art form, combining tradition, innovation, and artistic creation, making it a craft hub in Seville.

As the capital city of the Andalusia region, Seville is known for its stunning architecture, lively festivals, delicious cuisine, and passionate flamenco dancing. Wander the Old Town's peculiar streets, indulge in art at galleries and museums, and savor tapas, gazpacho, and traditional desserts for a true Sevillian experience.

Additional Details

The best times to visit Seville are spring and autumn for pleasant weather and cultural festivities. Avoid April, July, and August to steer clear of festival crowds.

This VAWAA can be extended for up to 7 days. Please ask when you submit your booking request and specify the type of project you'd like to work on.

Sessions can be adapted for children, elderly, and individuals with special needs upon request.

Camila speaks Spanish and English.
Camila's Availability 4 days