Dive into the delicious world of Goan cuisine with Joanne's distinct fusion take inspired by tradition
  • Goa, India
  • 16 hours over 4 days

Goan / East Indian Cuisine with Joanne

Dive into the delicious world of Goan cuisine with Joanne's distinct fusion take inspired by tradition. Wander local markets for ingredients and inspiration, then spend time with Joanne in the kitchen cooking everything from East Indian vindaloo to chocolate marshmallow tarts.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $525
Additional guest(s) (max 4)
USD $125
FishFriedPreparing delicious seafood dishesPreparing Portuguese-style dishes like East Indian vindalooGinger, chili pepers, coconut, lemons...Chicken with coconut curryIncorporating local spices

Meet the Artist

Joanne is a Bombay-born cook who combines traditional Goan cooking with East Indian culinary influences. This special fusion of cuisines incorporates lots of spices, seafood, coconut curries and Portuguese-style dishes. For all you sweet tooths, locals adore Joanne’s baked desserts - especially the sponge cakes, tarts, brownies and chocolate fudge! Joanne has been experimenting in the kitchen since she was 13 years old and credits her mom for her cooking talent. She loves nothing more than feeding people and sharing her passion for food.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Visiting Mapusa Market to shop for groceries.
  • Instruction in cooking techniques including sautéing, shallow frying, boiling and seasoning.
  • Cooking signature East Indian x Goan dishes, like meatloaf pâté, recheado mackerel fry, East Indian vindaloo, prawn curry, mixed vegetable coconut curry, sorpotel, feijoada, pan rolls, potato chops, beef cutlets, chocolate marshmallow tart, lemon curd tart and chocolate fudge.

Explore Goa

Goa is a coastal state in western India known for its spice plantations, white sandy beaches and laid-back vibe. Its history as a Portuguese colony prior to 1961 is evident in the beautiful 17th century architecture and fusion-style cooking. A true beach town with both bungalows and luxury hotels, it can get overcrowded with tourists, so follow Joanne’s advice to explore off the beaten path and get a more locally flavored experience.

Additional Details

Joanne can adapt the VAWAA to vegetarian and vegan dishes, but not gluten-free. This VAWAA is available for a longer duration, up to 6 days. If interested in extending your time, let us know by how many days and we will do our best to accommodate you.
Joanne's Availability 4 days

Guest Reviews

  • Lina F., United States

    Joanne is a warm and lovely woman who's a master of her craft! She cooks with intuition and embraces variety of approaches in cooking. She took great care in figuring out the menu for my learning experience, which was suitable to my dietary needs! In addition to learning amazing recipes, I also got a peek into the business of the main food market! Loved my Goan cooking experience!