Creative Exploration Through Clay, Textiles, and Natural Dyes with Majo
  • Valle de Bravo, Mexico
  • 24 hours over 6 days

Creative Exploration Through Clay, Textiles, and Natural Dyes with Majo

Embark on a creative journey under the guidance of multidisciplinary artist Majo in the magical town of Valle de Bravo, a popular getaway about two hours west of Mexico City. Choose to focus on ceramics, textiles, or natural dyeing — or combine all three techniques to make unique artworks inspired by the surrounding nature’s paradise of lush forests, magical waterfalls, and natural pools.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea, Lunch


One Guest
USD $1065
Additional guest(s) (max 3)
USD $360


One Guest
USD $465
Additional guest(s)
USD $340

Meet the Artist

Majo is a creative polymath whose practice is grounded in ceramics, textiles, and interactive installations. Her work is guided by her childlike sensitivity, insatiable curiosity, and passion for mixing various mediums and textures.

As a self-taught textile artist, she juxtaposes macramé, weaving, and natural dyeing with sculptural ceramics. She also creates functional design pottery and candles, combining the sensitivity of her sculptural work with utilitarian purpose. Her creative process starts with a deep connection between mind and body, perpetually exploring and attentively listening to what the materials convey, all while finding delight in the art of mixing diverse media and textures.

Her joy lies in creating serene and inspiring pieces that guide us toward a more connected future—where we can all rediscover the essentials of living, playing, feeling, and understanding. She is honored to be able to share what fills her spirit and make her heart sing.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Explore ceramics, textiles, natural dyes, or a combination of all three.
  • Create functional, decorative or sculptural pieces using the chosen techniques.
  • Develop ideas through creative exercises to enhance the mind-body connection.
  • For handbuilt ceramics – explore different types of clays, slips and glazes, and, if time permits, fire the pieces in an electric kiln. If the kiln can not be fired before the end of session, Majo can fire and ship pieces for an additional fee.
  • For textiles – use an array of natural fabrics, ropes and threads to create macramé knots and weaves.
  • For dyes – explore a variety of natural dye materials and modifiers to create different colors.
  • Your unique handmade creations.
  • Lunch with artist friends, and if time permits, a yoga class and dance session with Majo.
  • Hike through the lush landscape around Majo’s studio, and swim in its natural pools for inspiration. If time permits, explore the magical town of Valle de Bravo, its Artisanal Market, the lake, and, if possible, other artisans’ workshops.

Stay at Majo's

Stay in Majo's ground floor one bedroom studio apartment with an option to have a king bed or 2 to 3 individual beds. It has a full bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, dining room and is surrounded by a lush garden. There is an additional studio cabin on the property with a double bed, a small kitchen, full bathroom and a small table to sit outside.

If you're staying with Majo, a home-cooked lunch prepared using fresh local ingredients is included in the stay.

Explore Valle de Bravo

Majo's studio is just a short 20-minute drive from Valle de Bravo, a hidden gem near Mexico City. Nestled around a lake, this well-preserved colonial town is surrounded by lush green hills, offering a delightful escape from the urban hustle and bustle.

Strolling through the town center, you'll discover artisanal shops, artists' workshops, and a diverse culinary scene, with freshwater fish dishes being a local highlight. From March to June, you can witness the incredible migration of millions of butterflies at the Monarch Butterfly sanctuary. For the adventurous, Valle De Bravo offers hiking, paragliding over the lake and a variety of water activities like kayaking and water skiing.

Majo's studio is surrounded by natural beauty, with spaces for inspiring nature walks and refreshing swims in natural pools. This mix of natural beauty, rich culture, and warm hospitality promises to create unforgettable memories and moments of serenity during your visit.

Additional Details

Valle de Bravo is beautiful year round to visit. Everything is lush and green from May – October when it often rains in the afternoon. November to April is drier and also the perfect time to witness the spectacular migration of Monarch Butterflies. Local festivities include the Festival Vallesano (known for sports activities, horseback rides, art exhibitions, and gastronomic events) in March, the Feria de Santa María on May third, and Día de Muertos on the first and second of November.

This VAWAA can be extended for up to 9 days. Please add a note in your booking request.

Guests must be 18 years old and above or accompanied by parents or guardian at all times. The session can be adapted for elders. Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access.

Majo speaks Spanish, English, and French.
Majo's Availability 6 days