Darkroom Printing and Film Photography  with Ole
  • Lyngør, Norway
  • 30 hours over 5 days

Darkroom Printing and Film Photography with Ole

Capture the windswept landscape of the tiny island society of Lyngør through your camera lens. Trek the stunning archipelagos with sailor and master photographer Ole as your guide, then learn the film printing process in a darkroom that was once a former sailing loft.
  • Train/Bus Pick-up
  • Complimentary studio lunch


One Guest
USD $1220
Additional guest (max 4)
USD $570


One Guest
USD $460
Additional guest
USD $260
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Meet the Artist

Ole is a Norwegian art photographer, a sailor, and a twelfth-generation resident of the tiny car-free island society of Lyngør. He is deeply tied to this place where he works with staged landscapes comprising motifs dominated by maritime elements. He spends much of his time boating and trekking around the archipelago in pursuit of images exploring relationship between man and nature. Other times, he is inside one of Europe's few special darkrooms built in his father's sail loft. A pupil of Norway's first photo concept artist Dag Alveng, Ole's works have been exhibited internationally. When you visit him, ask him about the year he spent crossing the Atlantic on a 19th-century pilot cutter.


  • Brief introduction to black and white film photography and camera techniques. 
  • Boat ride and trekking with medium format cameras in the archipelago surrounding Lyngør. 
  • Film developing. 
  • Darkroom printing with baryta/fibre paper. 
  • Finalizing prints; retouching, pressing and mounting. 
  • All materials including film, chemistry and paper.  

    Credit: First image captured by Ina K. Andersen, edited by VAWAA.

Stay at Ole's

Stay in a guest room in Ole’s historic wooden house right by the sea. Includes not one, but two fireplaces, one bathroom, and three bedrooms. All meals are included.

Explore Lyngør

Previously, the village of Lyngør was a popular home for sea captains since it is only accessible by boat and it has no cars. The village is well-known for its scenic harbor and charming wooden houses. It is recognized as one of the best-preserved communities in Europe. Most of the buildings are now summer homes, but there are still about seventy-five permanent, year-round residents. The strait that goes through Lyngør is also well known for the dramatic Battle of Lyngør during the Napoleonic Wars, in which the British Royal Navy effectively put an end to the last of Dano-Norwegian naval forces.

Additional Details

Accommodation at Ole's house is available for an additional fee. You also have options to work with colour film, as well as make very large prints (up to 150cm x 120cm). Or how about learning Ansel Adams‘ zone system using Ole's large format camera. Ask when you send a booking request.  

Guest Reviews

  • Kirsty, United Kingdom

    We had such a wonderful first Vawaa experience! Ole is super knowledgable of the local area and its rich naval history and it was this that made it a perfect mix of culture and art. By the end of the course we were able to confidently tune the cameras to get that 'perfect' shot and had great fun in the dark room watching the magic happen, learning how to edit and fine tune the photographs in the Read more