Poster Restoration with Ondrej
  • Prague, Czechia
  • 18 hours over 3 days

Poster Restoration with Ondrej

Restore posters or graphic art in Prague, home to one of the biggest art nouveau artist and creator of rare posters, Alfons Mucha. Designer and paper conservator Ondrej will guide you through the craft of restoring paper and retouching artwork from start to end, so you can enjoy your favorite posters for a long time.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $1535

Meet the Artist

Ondrej is a paper conservator and designer with over a decade of experience restoring and preserving artworks on paper. After studying paper conservation, he gained valuable experience restoring the entire estate of Czech architect Antonín Engel and working at various cultural institutions, including the National Library and the National Archive in Prague. He also headed the Paper Restoration Studio at the Jewish Museum in Prague for five years, restoring a wide variety of paper objects.

Ondrej's passion for graphic design, typography, music, and film led him to specialize in poster restoration and artwork on paper. He founded his private restoration practice, specializing in restoring posters, banknotes, maps, drawings, prints, and comic books. His main techniques for poster restoration are linen and Japanese paper backing, and he is also skilled in retouching and paper loss compensation.

Ondrej's strengths lie in his sense of color, empathy for the essence of the artwork, and his appropriate approach to restoration. He is committed to preserving and restoring important works of art on paper for future generations to enjoy. If you have old posters and paper that you'd like to preserve, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn how to restore them. And perhaps share a mutual love of guitar, legos and climbing with Ondrej! :)

VAWAA Includes:

  • Restore a paper object like poster, map, photograph, comic, graphic, drawing, or print. Bring your own, or Ondrej can provide a graphic print / 1970-80 Czech movie poster.
  • Introduction to paper restoration and ethics.
  • Deepen appreciation for the craftsmanship and art in paper restoration.
  • Understand the paper itself, its history, production and use.
  • Learn techniques to repair paper and retouch artwork.
  • Explore working with proportions, choosing right colors, and materials.
  • How to clean, protect and store the artwork.
  • A restored paper artwork to take home.

Explore Prague

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is a treasure trove of history, culture, and architecture. The city's well-preserved buildings and landmarks offer a glimpse into its fascinating past, while its vibrant cultural scene makes it a must-visit destination for art and design enthusiasts. It is a fairytale city that has managed to preserve its soul despite its popularity.

Ondrej's studio is in a neighborhood surrounding the embassies, once home to prominent citizens and artists, designed by the best Czech architects of the time, including the villa for Alfons Mucha, a key artist of the Art Nouveau period and the creator of some of the rarest posters.

Additional Details

The best time to visit Prague is in April, May, and September as you'll experience fewer crowds, mild weather, and cheaper accommodations. Summer is peak tourist season, but there are plenty of events and festivals taking place if you are keen.

This VAWAA is not available for a longer duration or suitable for children. Unfortunately, sessions cannot be adapted for individuals in wheelchairs as the studio is located on the 4th floor without an elevator.

Ondrej speaks English and Czech.
Ondrej's Availability 3 days