Sacred Adornment  with Savannah
  • Topanga, Los Angeles, United States
  • 16 hours over 4 days

Sacred Adornment with Savannah

Retreat in the beautiful Topanga Canyon to hand make your own sacred adornments with goldsmith and healer, Savannah. Learn the process from concept to completion working with stones, metal and intention to create one of a kind jewelry – with ocean views and nature walk for inspiration.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $2060
Additional guest(s) (max 2)
USD $960

Meet the Artist

Savannah is a goldsmith, teacher and healer whose work is dedicated to bringing ancient wisdom and craftsmanship into modern life. She devoted ten years as a goldsmith apprentice, focused on ancient and classical techniques. In parallel, she studied Stone Medicine blending ancient Taoist teachings together with stone healing, earth science and temple magic. This led to her initiation as a practitioner and teacher in the lineage, and carries this wisdom into each piece of jewelry she creates.

Savannah specializes in sacred adornment, weaving intention and prayer in each step to create spirit filled jewelry. She understands the deep ancient impulse humanity has always had to adorn oneself, whether it be an amulet of protection, a sign of faith, or a token from a loved one.

“Jewelry can touch us at our very essence.” - she says.

Her day begins with Cha Dao (a meditative tea practice), and a canyon hike with her dog Opal. Her greatest hope is that people leave their time in Topanga feeling a deeper connection to self, an awe of the gifts of this earth we live on through the materials we create with and some beautifully crafted handmade jewelry holding the energy of their time here!

VAWAA Includes:

  • Learn to hand make your own 1-3 silver or brass jewelry pieces from concept to completion. Option to work in high karat gold for $1700 - $2,000 additional fee per ounce of pure gold at market rate, if arranged in advance.
  • Dive into techniques like metal forming, sawing, filing, soldering and stone setting.
  • Option to learn wax carving, beginning lapidary skills, fine silver granulation and chain weaving.
  • Learn to create jewelry that supports you and your clients intentions.
  • How to energetically cleanse and charge your stones and jewelry.
  • Understand different properties of stones and how to select and work with them in sacred adornment.
  • Introductory projects for all skill levels include making a ring, stud earrings, brass hair stick, a necklace or woven chain.
  • If working with gold, learn classical goldsmithing techniques to create a finished piece of jewelry from raw gold crystals. Learn to alloy the metal, mill the sheet and pull the wire for projects all by hand. This provides the opportunity to learn ancient techniques such as fusing, granulation and chain weaving using the beautiful 22k alloy as well as create modern jewelry from scratch.
  • All silver, brass, copper and a $50 credit to buy stones is included. All gold and gemstones over $50 can be bought for an additional fee.
  • If desired and time permits, you can engage in an array of wonderful local activities with Savannah to enrich your experience including a hike to the Topanga Labyrinth with ocean views.
  • A visit to The Getty Villa in Malibu to see their beautiful collection of classical jewelry.
  • A visit to the downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District to meet vendors and stone shop.
  • Other relaxing activities include joining a private or group tea ceremony; local sound bath or breath work circle; visiting the Lake Shrine at the Self Realization Center in Malibu for a nature walk/ meditation; or walk on the beach for inspiration.

Explore Topanga, Los Angeles

Savannah's studio is located in Topanga, California. Just outside of Los Angeles, Topanga Canyon has long been an artists enclave. You'll hear live music drifting through the mountains, find hidden labyrinths off the trails and experience a slower pace of life. Savannah's home and studio is only 11 minutes from the Pacific Ocean and 5 minutes from the state park with incredible hiking trails. She finds new inspiration among the plants, animals and people of the canyon daily.

Additional Details

California is beautiful year round to visit. The beaches and trails are busier on weekends in the summer months if you wish to avoid that.

This VAWAA can be extended for up to 6 days if you have a special project in mind that needs support to finish. Please include a note in your booking request.

Kids are welcome between the ages of ten - sixteen with parental supervision.
Savannah's Availability 4 days

Guest Reviews

  • Jeanne Marie M., United States

    My experience with Savannah was magical. She guided me through the journey of goldsmithing beginning to end with grace, patience, and levity. I learned to alloy, forge, and mill gold and with it fabricate beautiful creations. I was quite ambitious and Savannah was so encouraging and generous with me. I so appreciate Savannah's combination of technical savior-faire and keen intuition. I delighted Read more

  • Katherine U., United States

    Savannah was an amazing host! She was very flexible with me in terms of what I wanted my experience to be. Some people come in knowing exactly what they wanted to do, but I just wanted to try a bunch of different techniques. I only wish I had more time to do more things! I'm really proud of what I made and really grateful to Savannah for helping me along and answering all my questions. I feel very Read more

  • Sara P., United States

    The whole experience with Savannah was amazing! She was so sweet, patient and open to doing whatever we envisioned for our jewelry making experience. My 11yr old daughter and I spent 4 days with Savannah refreshing on the basic skills of silversmithing and making rings, a pendent necklace and hair sticks. I had sent Savannah a Pinterest board of ideas ahead of time and she had it all printed out o Read more