Photography and Photogravure printmaking with Tariq
  • O Incio, Lugo, Spain
  • 25 hours over 5 days

Photography and Photogravure printmaking with Tariq

Let your dreams inspire you in the wilds of Spain. Renowned photographer-printmaker Tariq will introduce you to the full process of capturing and producing emotionally striking hand-crafted photogravure or color Giclée prints. A perfect retreat like experience in the beautiful green countryside, with lush chestnut and oak forests, and stunning river gorges.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $1690
Additional guest(s) (max 2)
USD $480


One Guest
USD $750
Additional guest(s)
USD $150

Meet the Artist

Tariq is a photographer–printmaker, based in Galicia, Spain. Born to Palestinian-English parents, he grew up across Europe and the Middle East which shaped his cultural and ethnically diverse outlook on life. An early creative interest in music and art later led him to photography and printmaking. Over the years, he learned his craft working both as an artist and as a commercial photographer for advertising and design agencies, based in London, Stockholm and Dubai. Prints of his strikingly emotive work are owned by art lovers and collectors worldwide, and are included in several public and private collections.

Tariq recognizes the need for quality and technical excellence, but above all he strives for emotional content to enrich his art work with depth and meaning, whether it is a digital Giclée or hand-crafted photogravure print. He believes that the actual process of seeing, feeling, taking and making a final artwork are a combination of mind, body and tools, but for the work to be successful and have meaning, it is ultimately the heart that chooses the path the work takes. Recurring themes in his work relate to identity, belonging, and his Arab heritage.

A freethinker, dreamer and picture-maker, Tariq now spends most of his time working on art projects and tutoring in photography and photogravure printmaking in his ancient farmhouse studio in Spain. He combines creative interests with a healthy lifestyle connecting to nature, working on his organic farm, and being with his wife and their family of Saluki dogs and Arabian horses.

“It is only with the heart that one can truly see. What is essential is invisible to the eye”, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince”

VAWAA Includes:

  • A photographic shoot of your choice, on location or in the vicinity (portraiture, still-life, landscape - with natural or studio lighting where appropriate). The photographic equipment that you choose to use can be sophisticated or as simple as a smartphone. What matters is how you use your tools in a creative manner.
  • Exploring some practical/philosophical/spiritual approaches (e.g. mindfulness) to help connect and be ‘present’ when taking photographs. This is the path to creating art with feeling and meaning, which goes beyond a pure technical approach.
  • Cataloguing, editing and processing images using Adobe Lightroom or similar software.
  • Learning how to print 1 or more chosen images direct to photo-polymer plates, exposing the plates to UV light and processing them ready to print.
  • The most exciting part, perhaps, is the final part of hand-inking, wiping and pulling the plate using a traditional etching press to produce a unique beautiful photogravure print with a texture and feel like no other photographic print. There is also the option to print images as full color digital Giclée prints.
  • All materials and tools.

Stay at Tariq's

Stay at Tariq's renovated Spanish farmhouse home, located in the peaceful Galician countryside on the edge of a small lake. The place, surrounded by an organic fruit tree orchard, vegetable gardens, is also home to their dogs, horses, cats and free-ranging chickens.

The accommodation consists of a private, self-catering, farmhouse-style apartment that includes a double bed, ensuite bathroom, lounge/dining room, and kitchenette with modern comforts. There are 2 additional apartments available on the property if you need additional rooms. The garden terraces offer lounging chairs and hammocks, there is access to a small but excellent library of art books, various board games, lake-swimming when in season and country walks from the gate.

The location allows you to disconnect from most matters elsewhere and to focus on developing your creative practice.

Explore O Incio, Lugo

Galicia, Spain's north-western region, has an ancient Celtic and Roman history and is known for its beautiful green countryside, with lush chestnut and oak forests, stunning river gorges and much more.

In the immediate vicinity of Tariq's studio, are numerous walks along country lanes through ancient Galician hamlets, over rolling hills and leafy forests and around the lake. Slightly further away, accessible by car, is the famous Ribeira Sacra wine-growing region with its vineyards heroically clinging to the steep gorges of the rivers Sil and Miño.

The nearby Roman-walled city of Lugo hosts a lovely regional museum with some excellent examples of Galician artworks along with excavated Roman artefacts. Also within an hour's drive are the open-air thermal baths of Ourense, located on the edge of the river Miño.

The location is the perfect place for a retreat-style experience where you can disconnect from the world and focus on your creative efforts, then have a few hours away to enjoy other activities.

Additional Details

The best time to visit Galicia is in spring, summer, and autumn. It is the most comfortable, with less chance of rain.

This VAWAA can be extended for up to 10 days. Please ask when you submit your booking request.

Must be 18+ years. All skill levels are welcome. Due to the nature of the farmhouse facilities, wheelchair access to the studio is not possible. There are dogs, cats, horses, and chickens on the property. If you are allergic to these animals, please bring suitable medication before you arrive.

Tariq speaks English, Arabic, and Spanish.
Tariq's Availability 5 days

Guest Reviews

  • Jacqueline W., Australia

    For once, words fail me. Tariq your ears must be burning. I have told everyone who would listen about photo gravure, about Lugo and you through whom I learnt how imperfections can end up being the most right thing ever. You taught me to meditate in photography and that I am the most powerful and capable when I capture the world as I see it. Acceptance and appreciation of beauty every day for a wee Read more