Learn landscape, portrait and street photography with Tomas in Spain.
  • Gran Canaria, Spain
  • 20 hours over 4 days

Photography with Tomas

Capture the magical, rugged landscape of the Canary Islands through your camera lens alongside a renown photographer. Criss cross the island to shoot different landscapes, from sand dunes to mountains to crashing waves. Meanwhile, learn both the technical and theoretical foundations of photography.
  • Local Transportation


One Guest
USD $1230
Additional guest(s) (max 4)
USD $120
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Learn how to process and develop analog and digital images.Experiment with concept shooting, light and composition.Exploring natural landscapes.

Meet the Artist

Tomas is a professional photographer based in the magical archipelagos of Spain’s Canary Islands, in Gran Canaria, off northwestern Africa. He lived in Berlin for a few years but the beauty of the island and its people brought him back. There’s perfect light to take pictures all year round, especially winter. Now, he starts his day early morning to capture diverse landscapes of the island - black lava, white sand beaches, forests and mountains. If it’s not nature, he shoots portraits, people, places they live in or abstracts. Regardless of the subject, he focuses on finding metaphors to create a sense of mystery in his photographs. It’s this keen sense of observation along with his technical abilities that he loves sharing with others. His motto “the more you share, the more you receive.”

VAWAA Includes:

  • Overview of landscape, portrait and street photography
  • Daily tour of the island and focusing on concepting, light and composition 
  • Preparing for a shoot including location, timing, equipment
  • Analog and digital image development process
  • Materials and local transportation

Explore Gran Canaria

Part of the Canary Islands just off the northwest coast of Africa, Gran Canaria has such a diverse, dramatic landscape that it’s often called a continent in miniature. From the cosmopolitan center of culture in Las Palmas, you can explore desert sands, sharply ridged mountains, and lush green forests. It’s a world of adventure unlike anywhere else, with nature that can spark your imagination and creativity.

Guest Reviews

  • Caron, United States

    I always was curious about going to the Canary Islands, not knowing anything about it. I launched into this workshop with such excitement. To be able to get feedback of my work, and to work with Tomás, who had worked with my friend Judith, gave me the feeling of incredible growth as a creative individual. We explored many different areas of the island and worked on different aspects of photography Read more

  • Sarah, United States

    An incredible experience. Tomás was kind, patient but also pushed me out of my comfort zone (in a good way). He adapted the sessions to my needs and experience level. Thanks for an unforgettable week!

  • Judith, United States

    I enjoyed my VAWAA with Tomas Correa, not only was it a push to return to my passion of photography but I was able to explore Gran Canaria as well. I was interested in working with Tomas because I had seen his work and the beautiful way he captured the spirit of the island. He generously shared his work process and special locations to garner good images and tailored the experience to my interest Read more