Monochrome Drawing with Yoshi
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 12 hours over 3 days

Monochrome Drawing with Yoshi

Expand your imagination and flexibility of mind as you dive into the art of monochromatic drawing with Barcelona based Japanese illustrator Yoshi. Draw while exploring the city, in his studio or make a drawing together on a wall at a local bar.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $945
Additional guest(s) (max 4)
USD $360

Meet the Artist

Yoshi is a Japanese illustrator. After visiting more than 30 countries, he moved to Barcelona in 2004 to focus on his art. Since then he has adorned walls and windows throughout Europe with his dream world. His drawings are simple, easy to understand, while entangled by countless stories; tales that are full of mystery and symbolism from very diverse backgrounds. Every time you observe his work, you find characters that you had not seen before, details that you had not captured.

While he has been experimenting with some colors since 2005, the core of his work remains primarily black or white. He believes drawing with a single color helps expand the imagination and flex the mind; lines can be the shape of a bird and also represent a salmon! It is his life experiences, the interesting people he meets, and the exploration of his feelings that make up the very fabric of his creations and keep his inspiration going.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Visit various places in the city and then draw from imagination and memory in your head. Your drawing may not be exactly what it is but it will be your original and unique art work which no one else can draw.
  • Practice drawing shapes and lines without colors. There are many colors around us but not too many lines. For example, when we paint a tree under the sun, we distinguish the tree by color – blue for sky and brown and green for tree. We paint different colors and the painting is done. There are no lines that exist in real life between the tree and sky.
  • On the final day, draw together on a wall or crystal window at a local bar.

Explore Barcelona

From a year-round Mediterranean climate to relaxed pace of life combined with a cosmopolitan feel, Barcelona has a relaxed and fun atmosphere that few cities in the world can replicate. We love the unmistakable Gaudi architecture that asserts itself all over the city, as well as the charming, vibrant neighborhood of Gracia. Stroll the streets of Barcelona’s many quarters, from the artsy El Raval to the historic Born, and allow the city’s distinct pulse inspire your drawings.

Additional Details

This VAWAA can be adapted for kids, elders, or people with special needs.
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