Painting Emotions through Expressionism with Zeus
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • 18 hours over 3 days

Painting Emotions through Expressionism with Zeus

Discover Budapest’s glorious past and imaginative future as you explore Expressionist painting techniques with celebrated painter Zeus. Find your artistic voice using Zeus’s unique technique, “Freedom Painting,” combining meditation with creative exercises to unlock imagination. When you’re not in the studio, find inspiration in the city’s art nouveau architecture, enjoy the nightlife at its eclectic ruin bars, or relax in the iconic thermal baths.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $1410
Additional guest(s) (max 3)
USD $720

Meet the Artist

Originally from Venezuela, Zeus is an internationally exhibited painter, drawing inspiration from his diverse experiences in meditation and the culinary arts. Despite starting his journey in gastronomy in Argentina, Zeus discovered his true passion lay on the canvas rather than the cutting board. He views his culinary education as an essential foundation for his painting practice. Mixing flavors and colors to create chemistry and balance, he "cooks with canvas."

Now residing in Budapest, Zeus's painting style reflects the influence of the city's constructivism, geometric aesthetics, and his love for photography. Whether through small sketches or large-format canvases, his disciplined work ethic breathes life into mythical, emotive worlds featuring symbols, distinctive characters, and bold colors. His artworks serve as compelling invitations, challenging viewers to reconsider their emotions, experiences, and realities.

Zeus has developed "Freedom Painting," a practice combining meditation, mindfulness, and breathing exercises with intuitive painting. This restorative and healing process, designed to unleash one's inner child, encourages the belief that imagination can be nurtured and activated. Zeus will create a positive environment of artistic freedom, urging you to embrace your creative instincts, whether it leads to using a liter of black paint or an entire wall of canvas.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Create expressionist paintings inspired by your emotions and subconscious.
  • Familiarize with breathing and meditation techniques to apply in your painting practice.
  • Discover ways to inspire visual expression by self-interpreting music albums.
  • Learn to create characters.
  • Explore techniques for painting with spray cans.
  • Guided playful sensory exercises to help develop imagination and break out of your comfort zone such as blind painting, immersion in silence or loud sounds, and painting with your non-dominant hand.
  • Learn to make arepas, a traditional Venezuelan food.
  • A visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, National Gallery of Hungary and a concert at the Franz Liszt Academy.
  • If time permits, an option to soak in Paskal Spa thermal baths.

Explore Budapest

Zeus describes Budapest as an inspiring blend of folklore and avant-garde expression, trapped in a bygone era yet sparkling with modernism. The city is pulsating with fresh energy as palatial historic buildings turn into five-star hotels and parks are revived with modern museums. Nestled within the city's cultural tapestry lies the legacy of the world's first rock star, Franz Liszt, whose musical innovation still echoes through the cobblestone streets. The mesmerizing blend of Gothic, Baroque, and Art Nouveau architecture, along with breathtaking views along the Danube River, soothing thermal baths, eclectic ruin bars and a vibrant street art scene, make Budapest a haven for writers, artists, and musicians.

Additional Details

Budapest is a lovely city to visit year round, though temperatures in January can be quite cold.

For a more immersive and in-depth experience, this session can be extended for up to 5 days. Please add a note in your booking request.

Children are welcome to participate. Unfortunately, the session cannot be adapted for elders or for people with wheelchairs and special needs.

Zeus speaks Spanish and English.
Zeus's Availability 3 days