Body Meditation Practice Through the Oldest Form of Martial Art - II

Join VAWAA Artist and Indian kalarippayat performer and instructor Raam for another energizing body meditation. On Sunday, May 17, at 10:00 AM EDT (UTC-4), we'll be using our breath to control and re-align our body. We'll practice different exercises of connecting our core to our limbs using animal postures, leg exercises, and small codified sequences of transition from one point to the other. In case you joined last session, Raam will be introducing new movements, working on transitions from the Ner Kaal swing to the Ashwa vadivu (Horse) and Gaja Vadivu (Elephant) postures. We may also work on two new postures, Simha Vadivu (Lion) and Kukuda Vadivu (Rooster). All are welcome! Limited to 20 participants.

Joining from a different time zone? Be sure to convert the time.

What you'll need

All you'll need is a space of 10 ft by 5 ft and a yoga mat.

How to join

We'll be hosting this VAWAA Online on Zoom. We'll send you the link and details to join via email a few hours before it begins.

About Kalarippayat

Kalarippayat is a 3000 year old traditional martial art form of Kerala, India, known as the oldest martial art -- mother of all martial arts in fact. It is a fascinating bodily experience. While it is strenuous physical activity, it puts you in a body meditation to achieve body-mind coordination. It is as intense as it is energizing. See for yourself how different being in your own body can be!

About Raam

Raam is a kalarippayat performer, instructor, contemporary dancer, choreographer and theater artist. He has been practicing Kalarippayat from the age of 5 as he follows a lineage of Kalarippayat artists. His great grandfather, C.V. Narayanan Nair, re-discovered Kalarippayat to its present form and pioneered the first traditional school in 1956 offering training in northern style Kalarippayat. He has also practiced other dance and movement forms like bharatnatyam, ballet, capoeira, modern dance techniques, contact improvisation, floorwork techniques, release technique etc. 

Visit his artist page to learn more about his in-person VAWAA.

Sessions are ticketed to support artists, makers and our small team. If you’re experiencing financial hardship, please reach out. We may have a generous participant who has paid it forward and would ask that you pay the love forward by sharing online sessions with 3 new friends.