Crafting Memoir: Writing Your Story (2 day)

"No bird soars too high
If he soars with his own wings."
- William Blake

In Remembrances of Things Past, French writer Marcel Proust conquered time in autobiography by exploring the self. He invented nothing, but altered everything. He did this by finding his own unique voice. We are our past. The way you discover other people’s stories is how we access our own. Dare to be personal and know that the universal rests in the specific.

Art connects us. By opening ourselves and sharing our unique stories, we allow that connection so vital to living.

Join us for a special 2 day online session on the journey of memoir writing with VAWAA Guest artist and award-winning playwright, screenwriter and author Catherine Ann Jones (Calamity Jane, Unlikely Angel, Touched by an Angel series). 

In four 90 minute interactive sessions over the course of one weekend, we'll be uncovering unique stories by exploring our lives and memories through a writer's lens. 

On Saturday April 2nd and Sunday April 3rd we will be starting at 12PM EST with the first 90 minute session, and reconvening for the second half at 4PM EST.  

All levels are welcome. There will be plenty of time to share, get feedback and meet other participants from around the world.

If you are not in EST time zone, be sure to convert the time.

What to expect

  • The key elements of writing a compelling memoir.
  • Write prompts to awaken your story.
  • Finding your unique voice and style.
  • Focus on theme: What is your message?
  • Bringing the characters in your story alive.
  • Bringing your story to life in your own unique voice.

What you'll need

A notepad and pen/pencil.

How to join

We'll be hosting this VAWAA Online on Zoom. We'll send the link and details to join via email 1 day and again 1 hour before it begins.

About Catherine

Catherine Ann Jones is an award-winning author (7 books), playwright (11 produced) & screenwriter whose films include Unlikely Angel, The Christmas Wife, and the popular series, Touched by an Angel. A Fulbright Scholar to India studying shamanism, author of The Way of Story and Heal Your Self with Writing. Over 20 years teaching graduate school and writing workshops both here (Esalen, Omega) and abroad. Over 56,000 subscribers to her six online courses.


“Catherine Ann Jones is a genius at using a wide range of techniques to help you unlock emotional touchstones. After experiencing workshops with such past luminaries as Joseph Campbell and Gregory Bateson, I can honestly say that Catherine’s workshop was the most enjoyable I've ever attended." 

"It was a very meaningful, generative, and authentic experience. The workshop not only re-ignited my creative spark, but it also put me on a path for inner growth."  

"Thank you, Catherine, for the grounded, authentic guidance. It was what I needed to open myheart and propel forward towards a more fulfilling life. I felt embraced, understood, and heard."

"The artist Catherine Ann Jones connected with each group member in a personal way during readings and questions." - Elizabeth

"Throughly enjoyed the session, great content, Catherine is obviously an accomplished teacher and writer. I loved her simple exercises and her generous, kind feedback. Fab group too, engaged and wonderfully articulate." - Anne

"I’m a amazed that over zoom such an intimate experience can be had. Loved this writing/creative workshop with Catherine." - Lori

"This was a fantastic writing workshop - whether you've published books or you're dipping your toe into writing, everyone has something to gain from Catherine's tips, exercises, and prompts. I would absolutely take another course from Catherine. 30 people in the course was a great amount, allowing for discussion and light workshopping. Fantastic offering, VAWAA!" - Meg

"It forced me to be more introspective, and although I didn't expect it, I ended up with two exercises that might be part of a future work." - Anthony

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Image: Photo by Zakaria Ahada on Unsplash