Reflecting on 2020 with Intuitive Textile Collage (5 Week Series)

**This series started on December 12th. You can still register and we'll send you recordings of the last sessions to catch up.

Live from Los Angeles, United States

We have a winter treat for all our textiles enthusiasts - a deep dive and guided journey into textile collage with VAWAA artist Debra Weiss. 

For 5 consecutive Saturdays (Dec 12th - Jan 9th), join Debra as she guides us through a reflective and searching exploration of the year through the medium of textiles collage, working towards a final piece that can be turned into an item of your choice (pillow, garment, wall hanging... you decide!). She will introduce us week-by-week to a new set of techniques, including embroidery, appliqué and macrame. There will be lots of time for questions, brainstorming and detailed guidance. 

Join us if you'd like to deepen your intuitive creative practice, have a new artistic pursuit over the holidays, or would like to engage your connection to cloth and handwork. 

Debra has always worked with her hands. Her process is very intuitive and she rarely uses a sewing machine. As a textile artist, she composes with color, much like a painter does, but works in fiber processes: crocheting, stitching, knitting, knotting, layering and weaving.

Session 1: Collage and Preparation
December 12 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM EST
Begin the process of collage, and prepare your design. We will go over the fundamental principles of textile collage, including whip stitch and running stitch. You will get to know the materials you have, and Debra will guide you towards an intuitive composition for your final piece. 

Session 2: Appliqué - To Represent 2020
December 19 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM EDT
In this session we will focus on appliqué techniques and work on a composition with words, representing our experiences, feelings and reflections from the year. We will gradually build up layers to reflect the inner journey we are walking in producing our unique pieces. 

Session 3: Embroidery Stitch
December 26 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM EST
This session will focus on embroidery stitches - adding layer and colour to our composition and deepening its complexity. 

Session 4: Macrame
January 2 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM EST
In this session you will be introduced to macrame knots to add dimension and texture to your composition. 

Session 5: Finish Final Piece
January 9 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM EST
In this session we will have the chance to finish our pieces, finalizing detail and deciding on the final purpose of our work. There will be plenty of time for sharing, exploration and collaboration in this session.

It can be kept as a scarf, made into a wall piece stretched or hung as is, or made into a pillow or added to a garment.

What you'll need

Session 1:

  • Background Cloth: 18" x 18", medium weight, cotton/linen, ironed and ready to use. You can purchase here by Dec 7, US deliveries only.
  • Plenty of small scrap fabrics: a variety of shapes and sizes, natural fibres are favored. A variety of textures and weights. Edges ironed over, at least 4" wide. 
  • Needle
  • Quilting thread

Session 2:

  • A solid or stripe fabric (to lay within your collage to stitch the words and stitches upon)

Session 3:

  • Embroidery thread
  • Larger eye needle

Session 4:

  • Embroidery or Sashiko thread in a number of colors

Session 5:

  • As above

We recommend having all the materials ready before the first session. 

All levels welcome, no experience required. Limited to 12 participants.

Joining us from a different time zone? Be sure to convert the time.

How to join

We'll be hosting this VAWAA Online on Zoom. We'll send link and details to join via email a few hours before it begins.

About Debra

Debra is a Los Angeles based textile artist who has been fabric collaging and stitching for over 15 years. Prior to this, she ran a handbag and apparel line. For her, the concept of layers and transparency are symbolic of our being – she loves that she can find these qualities inherent in textile scraps. She believes we collect experiences throughout our lives. These experiences mold and change us; they sway our character. When all is said and done we remain the same person, however changed we may seem. Our integrity, our soul, our being that was birthed into this lifetime remains unchanged. Through stitching layers upon layers, she creates unity and celebrates life. She makes objects of color and beauty while thinking about what life means to her and what she has seen in the world.


"Debra's work is so inspiring. She was engaged and encouraging. She made the session so fun, many of us are hoping for a follow up!" - N. Walter

"Debra's art is wonderful. Love the layers, and the detailed stitching! This technique is fascinating, meditative and fun. I see many possibilities, and am excited to continue exploring!" - Lynn Adamo

"I loved the group experience and would like to expand on the class. Debra is a very clear teacher! Really liked working with her!" - Jen Loew

"I enjoyed the class very much. It was presented well, the teachers show and tell was helpful as well as her quick response to our questions." - Janet Hasselblad

"Debra creates a nice classroom environment virtually." - Laura

"Terrific teacher whose art work I love and admire. She was so friendly and generous in the way she shared information and accessible. I think a little more information prior to the class would have better prepared me better. I wound basting too big a piece and missed the stitching talk." - Robin Strauss

"Enjoyed the class and learning the techniques. Looking forward to more classes with additional stitches." - Denise

"It wasn't long enough, but I felt totally comfortable the whole time." - Heather Myler

Sessions are ticketed to support artists, makers and our small team. If you’re experiencing financial hardship, please reach out. We may have a generous participant who has paid it forward. We would ask that you pay the love forward by sharing online sessions with 3 new friends.