Tattooing and the Artistic Mind Behind It

Live from Brazil

On Sunday 20th June at 2PM EST, VAWAA and tattoo artist, Taiom, will share his artistic journey; from young beginnings to how he works today. By exploring the art of tattooing alongside his development, we'll see how his training and learning has changed the way he approaches the body as a canvas.

We will start with an overview of contemporary tattooing, exploring styles and techniques. Then we will delve deeper into the history of this ancient practice. Taiom will highlight some of the inflection points and explain how they have influenced his style and expanded the potential of his art.

We will discuss visual references and how to identify, combine and grow beyond them. In an increasingly hyperconnected world, inspiration is only the start. One has to be able to learn how to link and decode different experiences into something powerful enough to communicate to others. Taiom invites us to put pen to paper and practice together. With his expert insight, we'll leave with some clear pointers to keep in mind when beginning a new project.

This session is for those who want to investigate the ways in which their creativity can manifest. Ideal for artists, designers, artisans, tattooists; and inspirational for anyone looking for a fresh perspective on their work.

All levels are welcome. There will be plenty of time to discuss, ask questions and meet other participants from around the world.

If you are not in EST time zone, be sure to convert the time.

What you'll need

Paper, pen or pencil, and three things that inspire or motivate you (in any area).

How to join

We'll be hosting this VAWAA Online on Zoom. We'll send the link and details to join via email 1 day and again 1 hour before it begins.

About Taiom

Taiom is a Brazilian tattooist and visual artist. He fell in love with tattoo culture at a young age, and has been practicing ever since then. Over the last decade and a half, Taiom has developed his own unique, highly graphic style of tattooing focused on abstract concepts. Inspired by his love of drawing and woodworking, his tattoo techniques include sketch lines, watercolors, fine lines, black work, and detail. He approaches each work like a story helping people create body art that brings something about who they are to life on their skin. Tat a tat!

Visit his artist page to learn more about his in-person VAWAA.

Sessions are ticketed to support artists, makers and our small team. If you’re experiencing financial hardship, please do reach out. We may have a generous participant who has paid it forward and would ask that you pay the love forward by sharing online sessions with 3 new friends.