VAWAA Info Session

Live from NYC

Join us on Saturday December 4th at 12PM EST, for a free session and find out everything you want to know about VAWAA mini-apprenticeships. 

We're delighted to see so many people have ventured out this year to experience in-person VAWAAs. 2022 is looking good for all the seekers, adventurers and craftmakers, as bookings for the new year are coming in. The pandemic reminded us that there's more to life than work; creativity, exploration and connection is much needed. And with 110 artists across, 17 different artforms, in 27 countries we're here to encourage that. 

We know you have questions...

"I've been following VAWAA, but I don't know how it all works. What should I expect?"

In this one hour session we will be answering them all. We look forward to seeing you all!

What to Expect

  • Pricing/ What is included?
  • Experience (What goes on day to day?)
  • How do I book?
  • Get live recommendations (I can't decide which one. Help!)
  • How do the VAWAA Gift Cards work?
  • COVID protocols and travel restrictions
  • Breakout room to meet other experienced seekers

How to join

We'll be hosting this VAWAA Online on Zoom. We'll send link and details to join via email 1 day and again 1 hour before it begins. If you are not in EST time zone, be sure to convert the time.

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