Australia > > > with Tessa in Netherlands

My 5 day stay with Tessa exceeded my expectations. Particularly as Tessa is a very talented teacher. I came with a sheaf of requests and concerns and she calmly addressed them all. We covered a great variety of topics including colour theory and composition of artworks. I completed a huge number of scrolls, many Gelli prints, made collages, I tried my hand at creative acrylic painting. She organised the class in a non-intimidating way and activities were always fun, creative and instructive. A great gift.

In addition Tessa was not only very generous with her knowledge and advice but also with her artist quality material. Living in the house and having the studio at the end of the hallway makes for an immersive experience. I appreciated the advice re transport, sightseeing and restaurants. I even had a local SIM waiting for me. A home-cooked dinner and plenty of good coffee and biscuits were much appreciated. The home is in a very nice and convenient area as well.

A stay with Tessa comes highly recommended.