United States > > > with Jacobo & Maria in Mexico

I stayed in Teotitlan for a week to learn dyeing and weaving. Jacobo is highly skilled, informative, and knowledgeable weaver. He has won many awards for his work. He uses natural dyes like Maroosh, cochineal, pomegranate, sapote, indigo, cempasuchil and so on. Jacobo weaves wonderful tapestries, huge bed sheets, rugs and pillow cases both traditional and modern. His wife and son are experts in weaving. She is really artsy-craftsy. She cooked delicious breakfast and lunch for me everyday, and she was very helpful whenever I needed. His son has so much patience to teach me how to weave complicated pattern very slowly and it was pretty easy to understand. 

Although I have done some dyeing, but I learned a lot of new techniques. Using his technique I dyed almost fifteen beautiful colors of yarn and with that I wove a beautiful wall hanging. He has so much patience and he explains everything very clearly. He used to pick me up from our hotel and drop me in the evening. He took us to the local market on Sunday and I was so excited and impressed by seeing the vegetables, food, fruits, especially mangoes, chocolates, herbs, hand woven baskets, pottery, chilies, mitates, rugs, so on. 

Overall it was great and wonderful experience. I highly recommend Jacobo and family. Thanks a lot to Maria and her son. One more thing, he dropped us back at the airport. Thank you Jacobo.