Srujana & Aditya

United States > > > with Chikako in Japan

It was the spring of 2019, I arrived in Tokyo to spend 6 months in a new country with a new language and culture. Everywhere around me I saw beautiful signs, menus, products with Japanese writing on them…I didn’t know what they meant but boy did they look gorgeous! There began my obsession with Chinese characters (Kanji). One of the resources I was using to learn Chinese characters mentioned how there is "no need to learn how to write Kanji, when you can type”. But isn't that’s the fun part? Now where could I learn this? Well, lucky me, cos there’s a VAWAA for that!

Our VAWAA experience was fulfilling in every aspect. There is something about holding the brush in hand, with intention and focus, feeling the brush touch the paper, moving gracefully with each stroke. This act in my mind is sheer beauty. Now every time I see a piece of calligraphy, I picture the artist, moving, flowing and dancing with the characters. 

I’m glad we stopped to smell the Sumi ink 🙂