Alexis & Allison

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My goal is to never stop learning. I booked my VAWAA trip because I was looking for an educational and artistic venture that would empower me with new skills as well as a break from my day-to-day life to allow for a shift in perspective.

I gained a deep appreciation for textile production plus the skills to create naturally dyed fibers. Will I have access to a standing loom in my future? Probably not, but the ability to see how things are made, to discern natural and handmade from not is a valuable education that most consumers don't get. I've already started preparations for my first natural dye project and invited a couple of close friends to help. I can't wait to show people the magic of what can be done with some skill and natural ingredients. Hopefully, I can inspire the people in my life to be more thoughtful with their own buying habits when it comes to textiles to help spread a mindset that prioritizes sustainability and environmentally friendly production.