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I am a serial creative and I love making purposeful things. I attended this VAWAA to grow my sewing skills, learn from a fellow selvedge nerd, and couldn't ignore the beautiful and unexplored territory surrounding Robert's workshop. I wanted to achieve MOSTLY guided practice. I got that, and so much more! 

I gained a lot of practice and knowledge about pattern making, different sewing machines, and the history of Levi's and denim. I also gained a new friend and am looking forward to collaborating with RUFCUT in the future! I am on a career hunt and hope that the pieces I made with Robert will help boost my portfolio and turn some heads in the fashion world, but I am mostly proud of the knowledge and skills gained through the workshop. Isn't that why we VAWAA? Our circumstances can change, our oppressions can grow, but no one can ever take away a skill that has been learned. Skills are an N+1 summation!