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It all started when...

I am a watercolour artist. And with watercolour one needs to have intention and purpose and really commit to every brushstroke. I felt that there must be similarities with calligraphy and I wanted to learn more about this from the perspective of a calligraphy artist. My favourite day was when I joined a lesson and practised with Chikako's students, some of whom had been practising with her for 20 years. Chikako's beautiful mum, who is 84, taught for many hours with passion. The collaborative learning amongst women of all ages was really special. Incredible experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. To experience a new country and culture through the eyes of a local persona and artist is an experience to be treasured forever. Whilst there I was able to emerge myself in the calligraphy and find a new perspective which gave me a new energy in my art. I was excited to get back into my work and play and experiment more. Read the full story here.