United States > > > with Merlyn & Rod in United Kingdom

After owning and working in a business for many years I was ready and eager to do some travel. I studied art in my youth and wanted to expand my learning through close work with accomplished artists. When I saw the VAWAA site online and researched the artists I recognized what a perfect opportunity it gave me to combine travel and learning. I leapt at the chance to work with Merlyn and Rod.

Merlyn and Rod allowed me to work alongside them making large woodcuts. I told them what I felt I needed to learn and they focused on that in a way that was fun, challenging and rewarding. I learned new methods in printing, played with Rod’s brilliant custom tools, and watched Merlyn and Rod take a blank wood plate and make it a thing of beauty! I was able to open my horizons with printmaking and also to more clearly define the direction I wanted to aim for with less concern for failure. In addition, I now understand why they love this part of England so much. It’s incredibly beautiful and rich in history! 

Photographs taken by Bob Seymour.