United Kingdom > > > with Marko in Slovenia

It had been a while since I'd taken an artistic/creative break from work and I was getting desperate for a holiday that would engage me mentally and creatively - on top of the usual joy of discovering a new place of course. After some time on the internet, I came across VAWAA in a Guardian article and somehow it just clicked in my head that lettering and Ljubljana were exactly the combo I needed. I wanted to achieve a better understanding of the finer points of lettering and how they apply to various art forms, and that's exactly what I found at Marko's.

It was so refreshing and I'm absolutely inspired to continue foundational calligraphy in my own time as it unlocks a new way of looking at all kinds of letter-based art and print. This has some relevance to my day job as a marketer, but more importantly it's encouraged me to make time (away from work) to appreciate letters and really have fun with them.