Australia > > > with Jimena in Argentina

After 4 months travelling and exploring Central and South America, I was ready to slow down a bit and immerse myself in one city. I liked the idea of spending time on a creative project and was excited to meet local artists and gain a deeper understanding of Buenos Aires from likeminded people. 

I have been a graphic designer for many years and I studied textile design where I found my love for weaving. I am always keen to learn new skills that can enhance my work, or just encourage me to approach it from a different perspective. I chose to do a VAWAA in jewellery making. It is an art form I admire and wanted to understand the process more. I was hoping to spark my creativity again before heading home. 

I really enjoyed thinking creatively again and exploring this through a new medium, while at the same time exploring an exciting new city. Maybe I might continue making back in my home city, and perhaps combine what I learnt in jewellery making into my woven textiles. But, even if I don’t, I still think it’s important to keep learning and growing and be inspired to keep creating.