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It was booked for me as a surprise by my incredibly thoughtful husband, who knew my passion for incense and beautiful scents. I went with a completely open mind and heart, just utterly excited to follow a master artisan’s lead and see where it took me. I specifically wanted to understand how to make incense at home, and to learn the foundations of blending a scent.

I made the most incredible perfume I’ve personally ever experienced or worn, so that was a pretty fun and unexpected accomplishment for me! I discovered I have a natural connection with the process, and it all came so easily and joyfully to me. I uncovered a new creative pursuit that totally lights me up, one that I know I’ll continue exploring and sharing with others for life. Years ago, I dreamed of starting my own line of natural scents, and now I actually have the knowledge, experience base and mentor to make it happen. My VAWAA ignited a new personal passion, and I’m beyond excited to keep going!