Art of Wet Felting with Anja
  • Skofja Loka, Slovenia
  • 20 hours over 4 days

Art of Wet Felting with Anja

Learn the wet felting process from Anja, a master felt maker, in the most preserved medieval town of Slovenia. Gather inspiration for your work as you walk along the Sora river in Skofja Loka, which has been attracting artists for centuries.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $885
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USD $590

Meet the Artist

Anja is a felt maker, designer, and textile artist. She started out as a landscape architect before she was drawn to the feel of working with wool fibers, and hasn't looked back since. Although she uses the oldest technique of textile making, wet felting, she combines it with modern techniques such as cobweb felting, nuno-felting, felting with pre-felt, seamless 3-dimensional felting, shibori felt etc. to create scarves, clothing, bags, vessels, pillows and felt art.

She says one of her obsessions has been creating and developing the thinnest of felt that she makes from the softest merino wool, and other fibers like nettle, silk and viscose. As a true master of wet-felting, she knows how to make everything seamless and with zero-waste. You can often hear enchanting melodies throughout the 17th century studio she shares with her master violin maker husband, Daniel.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Learning the history of wet felting in the world and in Skofja Loka, along with contemporary felt products.
  • Familiarizing with different types of carded wool and other fibers such as silk, hemp, ramie, linen, cotton.
  • Creating felt patterns using various wet-felting techniques: basic (at least 4-layer) felt made from European wool, 3-dimensional seamless felt item (e.g. small vessel), nuno felt (merino wool felted over e.g. silk fabric), cobweb felt and needle felting.
  • Creating your own piece of clothing such as a felt top or felt vest (for a beginner) or a dress (for a intermediate and advanced) in a chosen wet-felting technique.
  • Visiting local master artisans depending on your interest and their availability. Options include master hand-woodcarver, master blacksmith, master violin maker, master of natural textile dyeing or master needle-felter.
  • Visiting local creative hub Kreativnice, connecting a group of designer women working with various textile techniques.
  • Visiting Center DUO, a local Art and Craft Center showcasing works of 20 local artisans.
  • Walks to different parts of town, river, castle etc.

Explore Skofja Loka

Skofja Loka is a small and the most preserved medieval town in Slovenia. Rows of houses cascade from the castle hill to the river Sora. They say Skofja Loka has a special light and energy, which has been attracting artists and artisans for many centuries. It is a thousand-year old town with rich craft traditions, including hat making. Ljubljana is also a short distance away, where you can visit the Museum of Modern Art, take in the beautiful old world architecture, and see the medieval fortress. You can walk along the Ljubljanica River, relaxing in the outdoor cafe scene or one of the city's many green spaces.

Additional Details

Skofja Loka is great to visit year-round.

This VAWAA is available for a longer duration, up to 10 days. You will have the possibility to explore more techniques, make more demanding pieces like dresses and coats, bigger 3-dimensional felt art, or felt more of the same objects, like a group of light shades. Please ask when you send your booking request.

This VAWAA can be adapted to children (14 years old or older), elders, and people with special needs.

Wet-felting is mostly done standing, so guests must be able to stand, walk, move around the table, as well as be able to go up and down the stairs to reach Anja's studio (located in a 300 year-old house and not accessible by wheelchair).

Anja speaks English and Slovenian, as well as some Croatian, Serbian and German.
Anja's Availability 4 days

Guest Reviews

  • Mary B., Australia

    WOW!!! Well that was an extremely intense week with regards to learning and enjoyment! My VAWWA with Anja far surpassed all my hopes and expectations. Anja is so many things - a beautiful soul, an expert wet-felter, a clear and precise teacher and such a well connected community member - particularly in the crafts of both Skofja Loka, but also Slovenia as a whole.

    I’d done quite a bit of wet
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