Rustic Mediterranean Style Ceramics with Cesar & Emma
  • Extremadura, Spain
  • 15 hours over 5 days

Rustic Mediterranean Style Ceramics with Cesar & Emma

Gather inspiration from the beautiful rustic nature of the Spanish countryside and learn how to make simple, utilitarian Mediterranean homewares with Cesar and Emma.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $790
Additional guest(s) (max 2)
USD $420


One Guest
USD $700
Additional guest(s)
USD $415

Meet the Artist

Emma and Cesar are ceramic artists with twenty years of experience creating beautifully rustic, utilitarian Mediterranean homewares. After spending years honing their craft and experimenting with ceramics in London, New York and Madrid, Emma and Cesar traveled around the world visiting studios and working with ceramists in India, New Zealand and Australia. Partners in art and life, the duo returned to Spain pulsing with creative inspiration, in search of a quiet life in the countryside.

Emma and Cesar moved to the north of Extremadura, where they built their beautiful studio with much love and grew a family. They continue to work, inspired by the incredible and generous nature that surrounds them. Their style and method with clay truly represents them - totally handmade, with love and attention, and reflects their way of life.

In their teachings, Emma and Cesar encourage imperfection. Their pieces are all handmade using clay slabs or made on the potter’s wheel, and feature a fine line of unglazed clay. Some, they paint by hand with naive drawings of plants, flowers and animals inspired by the nature that surrounds them. Emma and Cesar enjoy welcoming guests to their world, and sharing with them all aspects of their ceramics craft, and a real sense of what it is like to be a working potter.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Learning about clay bodies, building techniques and glazing in a relaxed and practical way.
  • Learning how to load, fire and unload a 300lt. propane gas kiln, if it gets loaded during your stay. The kiln is fired only during certain periods keeping in mind sustainable energy practices.
  • Creating your own handmade ceramic piece. If the kiln is not on, your ceramic pieces can be fired after your stay and shipped for an additional fee.
  • All tools and materials.
  • Traveling to the local clay and glaze supplier which is also a small factory (depending on availability).
  • A visit to the cities of Talavera de la Reina and Puente del Arzobispo, recognized for their ceramics by UNESCO as part of the world’s intangible cultural heritage.

Stay at Cesar & Emma's

This cozy apartment for two is extremely private and decorated with style. It can be accessed via Emma and Cesar’s ceramics studio, and is at the rear of their beautiful barn-like workshop building. The living room is an open plan style, with a queen size bed, a simple kitchen and a dining room. Enjoy a shower with beautiful views of nature and the trees in the bathroom which has a large built-in shower and plenty of hot water. The kitchen is well equipped with a small gas cooking hub, small fridge, and everything you need to cook a simple meal, complete with Emma and Cesar’s own handmade bowls, plates and cups! Surrounded by big oaks and other trees, this apartment has a small garden area and an east-facing terrace ideal for breakfast. There is also a small barbeque for cooking outside. Living in this studio building grants you 24 hour access to the working area, and the flexibility to get an insight into the working of the studio at all hours. Cesar and Emma live in a very remote area, so come prepared to be immersed in a beautiful and peaceful natural setting.

You will also be around a very friendly dog who usually has access to the working part of the studio, but can be kept out if this is a problem.

Explore Extremadura

Only a two hour drive west of Madrid, Emma and Cesar’s studio is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos, a beautiful valley where the snow capped peaks mark the horizon for several months a year. Ideal for hiking, the mountains are home to oak, pine and chestnut forests. Cold, clear water runs through rivers, streams and gorges, and the summer invites swimming in amazing natural pools.

The plains around the Tietar river below grow tobacco, raspberries and kiwis, and huge plantations of peppers which have made the area famous for paprika. There are many inspirational walks from their property, with amazing birdlife and flowers in the spring. The valley is also steeped in history, and Villanueva de La Vera, the nearest village, showcases many oak beamed and adobe brickhouses and a charming plaza. It is also famous for popular festivals and an impressive natural waterfall. Here you will experience Spain at its authentic best and see why the inspiration for Cesar and Emma's work comes from the simple, beautiful life they live.

Additional Details

The best time to visit Extremadura is from March to June when you will enjoy comfortable temperatures and stable weather for exploring the lower southern valleys.

This VAWAA can be extended for up to 9 days. Longer stays for intermediate or advanced guests can be arranged for July and August.

You will be around a very friendly dog who usually has access to the working part of the studio, but can be kept out if this is a problem. If you are allergic to dogs, please bring suitable medication before you arrive.
Cesar & Emma's Availability 5 days