Narrative Oil Painting with Clarissa
  • Philadelphia, United States
  • 16 hours over 4 days

Narrative Oil Painting with Clarissa

Explore Narrative Oil Painting in the Historic Northwest Corner of Philadelphia with Clarissa. Learn how to collect inspiration and develop a story visually, studying techniques of composition, value and symbolic use of color.
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Meet the Artist

Clarissa is a synesthete and a figurative painter. Her training and education is in the academic tradition of working with the figure, as well in the decorative arts.

She studied in private studios around New York, and continued her education in some of the finest and oldest art schools in the country. She is an instructor and lecturer in drawing, painting, encaustic painting, gilding and decorative arts classes and workshops, as well as lectures in film-related art, art history and color theory seminars and has taught programs at various prestigious institutions.

Her work appears in both private and public collections. You may have seen Clarissa’s work before without even realizing it. She spent almost two decades as a scenic artist with over 40 credits in film and television, including creating Lee Krasner paintings in the film Pollock. Over the years, she created sets varying from burned out buildings to gilded ballrooms, reproductions of master paintings for films to original artwork for film characters.

Film is a primary influence in her work. As an avid film lover, and history buff, she brings her love of narrative imagery into her paintings, with a fusion of historical portraiture, film and pop culture influences.

Clarissa spends her time working with arts organizations, in her studio painting, at historic or music events, or at any of Philly’s museums or historic sites. Or at the movies!

VAWAA Includes:

  • Introduction to visual storytelling in painting
  • Gain an overview of how to create a narrative in your own painting - developing a story and how to present it visually.
  • We’ll look at examples of how stories are told visually.
  • Instruction in figurative painting/drawing.
  • How to composite photographic imagery for reference, using various sources of collected imagery for inspiration and research.
  • Instruction in composition, value, symbolic use of color.
  • Inspiring studio environment with tools, books, paintings and other artists in the building.
  • Studio time to discover your own way of working. Professional support, guidance and encouragement in finding your vision.
  • Immersion into Clarissa's diverse world of creating in and out of the studio.
  • Your unique original painting.
  • Enjoy the beautiful historic garden district, meeting other creatives, and/ or enjoying the culture, food and flavor of local life.

Explore Philadelphia

Philadelphia surely is a city steeped in historical sites and context, with lively art and music scenes, and of course, incredible food! From the Independence Hall, where the United States Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed, to the largest collection of impressionist art in North America at The Barnes Foundation, or the Laurel Hill Cemetery, the nation’s second-oldest arboretum cemetery, you’ll have a rich cultural experience with plenty to discover.

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This VAWAA is available for a longer duration. Please ask when you send your booking request.
Clarissa's Availability 4 days

Guest Reviews

  • Davy C., United States

    Clarissa is a wonderful instructor and artist. She was very patient with me and knew how to control the flow of each session. She always reminded me that "It's only paint" which helped me to overcome my judgmental thoughts on how I was doing.

  • Tony O., United States

    I had a specific goals and Clarissa customized my VAWAA that helped me meet those goals. The lessons were perfectly balanced and thoughtfully executed.

  • Jonathan Q., United States

    Before walking into my first VAWAA, I chose to shed any expectations of what a 4-day painting workshop might look like. I walked into this experience as a "black canvas" and felt a peaceful freedom. It was a beautiful break I knew I wanted in my life. My thoughts were running freely. I was in flow.

    Disconnecting from my phone for a portion of my day revived me. And then a thought hit me like a
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  • Yvonne K., United Kingdom

    Clarissa was not only a great listener, artist/designer, life advisor, but most importantly a supporter. Through her abundant books collection and references, I learned to read more.

    Don't just think, indeed think 'intuitively', just like encaustic itself. Via our conversation, I start moving flexibly with encaustic medium alongside. There were time that I lose control of perfect outlines, mea
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