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Iria Do || Paper Mache Clay Sculpture


A Coruña

Iria is a sculptor, illustrator and printmaker. She works on surreal projects inspired by lysergic pop that range from terrible to irresistible, from hallucination to tale. She creates figurative sculptures by assembling various materials, textures and elements like human bodies, anatomy of wild animals, nature and literature icons. Her creative world is inspired by the magic of “Wunderkammer” and writings by Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain and Jules Verne. The charm carries through in her rural studio-house which is a restored century-old house close to forests in north west coast of Galicia. Our favorite however is her pet donkey, Luca!

Studio Session duration 20 hours over 5 days

USD $670.00 for one person
USD $970.00 for two people

Available Dates

To check availability for other dates, send us a booking request with your travel dates. We will do our best to accommodate.


Does not include Airfare, Accommodation, Local transportation, or Meals.

A longer experience can be arranged based on Iria's availability. Accommodation is available for an additional fee. 

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