Learn woodturning with Mauricio in Uruguay.
  • Montevideo, Uruguay
  • 16 hours over 4 days

Woodturning with Mauricio

Tap into your sense of touch and let your hands guide you as you learn woodturning alongside an award winning artist. Work with different locally sourced woods to learn basic tool techniques, then practice turning to create your own handmade wooden objects. All with Mauricio there to guide you.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $945
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USD $360
Make your own handmade wooden objects.Work with different locally sourced woods like ash, privet, walnut, cape lilac and natives like guyuvira quebracho.Practice woodturning to make your own creations.Learn basic tool techniques.Learn about the morphology of wood with a master woodturner.

Meet the Artist

Mauricio is an award winning woodturner, currently in his third decade of turning and specializing in hand thread chasing. He likes making products that people use and touch – including parts for musical instruments, restoring antique furniture, chess sets, wooden bowls, boxes and artistic pieces. An environmentalist and vegan, his studio has 400 kinds of locally sourced wood and he doesn’t use any animal derivatives like beeswax in his process. He is a former pro skateboarder, recently finished restoring his Mark II Escort, built his own fire-oven, grafts & grows rare fruit trees in his one-of-a-kind backyard, and enjoys making chutneys with guavas, ginger, jicama, pepper, vinegar and almonds. A vacation doesn't get any better than this!

VAWAA Includes:

  • Morphology of wood and how it grows.
  • History of lathe, understanding different tools and their purpose.
  • Getting wood from a log.
  • Working with woods like ash, privet, walnut, cape lilac and natives like guyuvira quebracho. 
  • Basic tool techniques like sharpening.
  • Practicing different turning (lathe) techniques by making products.
  • Those with prior experience can work on hand thread chasing, bowls, boxes and hollow forms.
  • Materials & tools.

Explore Montevideo

The capital city of Montevideo has a distinctly Spanish influence, a laid back vibe, and palm tree lined boardwalks. Like nearby Buenos Aires, the cosmopolitan charm is offset by a thriving street art scene, with intriguing works surprising on various street corners. Spend time in Ciudad Vieja to be transported back by colonial era architecture, or head to the calmer Carrasco, where regulations prohibiting buildings higher than three stories creates a local, open feel.

Additional Details

This VAWAA is available for a longer duration. If interested in extending your time, let us know by how many days and we will do our best to accommodate you.
Mauricio's Availability 4 days

Guest Reviews

  • Shireen B., United States

    Working with Mauricio was a completely new experience for me. I never worked on a lathe before, and I was amazed by the precision it required. This makes what Mauricio does all the more impressive. He helped me make several things on the lathe starting small and moving up to eventually making a couple bowls. I was really impressed by Mauricio's knowledge of wood. He did a really great job of letti Read more

  • Megan M., United States

    Wow, I am walking away from this workshop feeling incredibly inspired! Mauricio is such an amazing teacher. His knowledge about the art of woodturning is truly astounding. I feel like I packed a month of learning into just four days--from lathe and tool use, proper techniques, wood morphology, history of wood turning and lumber. I really appreciate Mauricio's teaching style. He is incredibly thoro Read more

  • Adriana B., United States

    Mauricio is an incredible artist and teacher. He easily transports you to the time when woodturning was a way to support your life. I had no idea how different types of wood were used on all sorts in such a clever way. Mauricio made me appreciate and respect the wood as a precious material that comes from mother nature. You will feel with every practice very successful because woodturning gives yo Read more